'I have always followed my heart'

'I have always followed my heart'

'I have always followed my heart'
Young actress Sruthi Hariharan has always let her work showcase her strengths. She has proved through her  projects, such as ‘Lucia’, ‘Savaari 2’, ‘Raate’ and in ‘Mada Mathu Manasi’, that she is capable of moulding herself into just about any role with ease and finesse.

Believing in her capabilities, Sruthi says that rather than running after projects, she prefers projects that come to her based on her work and performance. Sruthi will soon be seen in a very contrasting roles in a few forthcoming projects such as ‘Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu’ and ‘Jai Maruthi 800’. In an interview with ‘Metrolife’, Sruthi talks about her choice of projects and her journey so far.          

Journey from theatre to acting...

My stint in theatre helped me fall in love with the art of cinema. Theatre and cinema are two different things. While cinema is a director’s medium, theatre is clearly an actor’s medium. Theatre certainly helps you get under the skin of the character better than cinema. It also helps you decipher the nuances of the character better.

Choice of content over co-stars...

I always choose a project based on the strength of its script, co-stars are secondary. It is important that the script throws up enough challenges for me as an actor. Yes, co-stars are an important aspect when it comes to the comfort level. My characters in my previous projects, such as ‘Lucia’ and ‘Raate’, have all been distinct in form and content.

Meaningful roles for actresses...

Actresses must be given meaningful roles than merely be used to fill the frame. We can definitely prove ourselves, provided we are given the right opportunities.

Would it be wrong to call you a feminist?

I think the word ‘feminist’ has been abused and many a time used in wrong contexts as well. Yes, I am a feminist but I am not against men. I am feminist because I think women must be projected in a strong light in the society.  

You drew criticism after your appearance in the song, ‘Sunday Banthu’ in ‘Plus’...

I appeared in a special song in ‘Plus’ that was written by Yogaraj Bhat. The lyrics were clean, the costume wasn’t vulgar and the song was shot in an aesthetic way but still people called it an “item song”. Nobody really knows the exact definition of an item song. It differs from one individual to another. I, for one, wouldn’t call it an item song.

How do you take criticism?

I wholeheartedly accept constructive criticism but I don’t pay attention to tongues wagging. I listen to it through one ear and let it go through the other.  

Are you a self-made person?

Yes, you can say that I am a self-made person. My career graph has been slow but a very steady one at that. I come from a very conservative family. My parents were shocked when I wanted to be a dancer but I still did and they weren’t happy when I later told them that I wanted to do theatre and acting. You could call me a rebel or sorts but I’ve always followed my heart.