Video of Rohith, ABVP leaders spat goes viral

Video of Rohith, ABVP leaders spat goes viral

A three-minute undated  footage showing a verbal duel between Rohith Vemula and few ABVP student leaders went viral on social media and television channels on Tuesday.

The video probably shot from a mobile phone shows Rohith arguing with people in front of him whose faces could not be seen.

The footage shows Rohith explaining why he tore down an ABVP poster hung on a tree on the University of Hyderabad campus. “Any thing saffron or Hindu or Hindutva and those who talk wrong about Dalits will meet the same fate,” Rohith says when he was asked why he tore down the poster.

“We were there when you destroyed the poster, why did you do it,” the voices asked. “I saw them so I did what I did in anger,” Rohith replies.

“Will you tear down saffron clothes at your home, even sarees,” the ABVP leaders asked. “Yes I will tear them down,” Rohith said. At this juncture, the ABVP leaders warn him not to touch their posters.  It was reported that Rohith rushed inside the room of a friend at the hostel and hung himself after a similar altercation.