Sikh man barred from boarding plane due to turban

Sikh man barred from boarding plane due to turban

Sikh man barred from boarding plane due to turban

A Sikh-American actor and designer has been barred from boarding a flight from Mexico City to New York after he refused to remove his turban during a security check.

Waris Ahluwalia, 41, based in Manhattan, said he checked in at the Aeromexico airline's counter at Mexico City's international airport about 5:30 am yesterday and was given his first-class boarding pass with code 'SSSS' that he said meant that he needed secondary security screening.

"This morning in Mexico City I was told I could not board my @aeromexico flight to NYC because of my turban," Ahluwalia, who appeared in the Oscar-nominated film 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and the US television series 'The Carrie Diaries', wrote on his Instagram account, uploading a photo of himself holding up his now-useless Aeromexico plane ticket.

When Ahluwalia showed up at the gate to board Flight 408 to New York City, attendants told him he needed to step aside and wait for other passengers to board.
His feet and bag were searched and swabbed. He was told to remove his sweatshirt and was patted down, New York Times reported.

Then, he said, he was asked to take off his turban.
"I responded...that I won't be taking off my turban," he said in an interview from the airport in Mexico City.

"And then they talked amongst themselves and they said, 'OK, then you are not getting on the flight.'"

He said he was told by another airline security official that he would not be boarding any other Aeromexico flight until he met their security demands.

"It is a symbol of my faith," Ahluwalia said, explaining why he would not remove the turban. "It is something that I wear whenever I am in public."

A statement released by the airline said it "renews its commitment to transport all passengers regardless of their religion, social status or gender.

"The airline, however, is required to meet the federal safety requirements outlined by the US' Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for review of selected passengers travelling to the United States. The airline regrets any inconvenience any passenger could perceive due to the application of these procedures."

Ahluwalia, who grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, is also a designer known for his House of Waris jewelry line and other design work.

He was recently nominated for best supporting actor by the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards for his role in a Canadian thriller 'Beeba Boys'. Ahluwalia is also a social activist who has campaigned for greater awareness of the Sikh religion.

In 2013, he appeared as a model in a Gap 'Make Love' advertisement that was posted in New York City subways and later defaced with racist graffiti.

He has been chosen for best dressed lists for Vanity Fair, British GQ, and Vogue.
Ahluwalia was still at the airport more than 12 hours later. Ahluwalia said he planned to remain there as lawyers from the Sikh Coalition, a civil-rights group, and Aeromexico discussed the matter by telephone. He said he had no immediate plans to board another flight.

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