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Last Updated 23 February 2016, 18:42 IST

Many have stayed back in the City for longer than they intended to because they fell in love with it. For Shradha Sethi and Prateek Jain from Dimapur, Nagaland, it was no different. They decided to make the City their home as they felt one with the place.

    The couple live here with their one-year-old daughter Aarohi.
Prateek, who is an entrepreneur with retail branded stores, says that it is the lifestyle and the professionalism of the people that makes the couple feel at home here.

Born and brought up in Nagaland, the couple have roots in Rajasthan. However, they turn nostalgic when they talk about Nagaland and their days there.

“Though Kohima is the capital, Dimapur is the commercial hub. Fashion brands and  lifestyle-related industries are centred around Dimapur,” he says. 

  “When it comes to food habits and the lifestyle there, it is similar to the  European culture. People are confined to small localities.”

Describing the charm of  Dimapur, she says, “It is a very green place and known for its flora and fauna. The people there are animal lovers.”

Shradha explains that the people are generally happy with their lives.
Elaborating more on the way of life, Prateek says, “People there do not believe in saving for the future, hence they follow a grand lifestyle. Most houses are like mansions.  Prestige is a big part of one’s life there and people are used to having a gala time.”
She says that when she came to the City in 2005, it was a bit difficult to adjust to the food habits.

“Our traditional diet is very different — we are used to eating rice and potato, but people in Dimapur eat just about anything.”

“But now, here in the City,  all kinds of food have become part of our routine,” she adds with a smile.

Both Prateek and Shradha had worked elsewhere before they decided to make Bengaluru their home. They also point out that they find Bengalureans very trustable. “Most of the people here are genuine. They prefer to keep conversations straight and have no bad intentions.” 

  People in the North-East too are quite like that, says Prateek. “Whenever someone promises to do something, it will be done and on time.

“Back home, we sleep much earlier, like around 7 pm, and wake up by 4 am. Work starts by 7 am, be it at corporate offices or small business places,” he recollects.

The couple have adjusted completely to the fast-paced life here and doesn’t mind experimenting with the multitude of cuisines here.

“From a variety of restaurants and a platter of culinary options to partying out, the City has something for everyone. We are regular visitors at the restaurants in Indiranagar, Koramangala and on Brigade Road. The options here are mind-boggling,” says Prateek.

Shradha chips in, “Unlike Mumbai, one doesn’t really need to plan much in advance to chill out. You can just hop, skip and jump to any place here.”

Prateek is happy about how work and life is going in a smooth manner and is positive about their future here.

   “I hope to expand my business very soon. That is how Bengaluru is — it is a city where growth is easy.”

    Shradha adds, “There is something about the air here. Anyone who comes to Bengaluru for a while will never be able to leave this place. And if they do, they will be back in no time. This is the charm of the City. Bengaluru has a very youthful spirit and we love it here!”

(Published 23 February 2016, 15:25 IST)

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