Inviting home prosperity

Inviting home prosperity

Inviting home prosperity

In our bid to make our homes perfect in every sense, we spend a lot of money on interior decoration, paints and other home decor elements, without knowing their effect on the house. Yes, every home decor product contributes to the overall ambience of our abode. So, isn’t it vital that we choose wisely?

The traditional science of architecture, vastu shastra, has proved that perfect placement of interior and household objects can nullify all the negative energies of your home and workspace. Every object in your home like a painting, photograph, sculpture, wall colour or even a home appliance convey a particular message. Documented research in vastu shastra has come up with four-step ‘MahaVastu’ method, according to which, a simple
programming of your home with paintings, symbols and other objects can help you strike the right balance in your home’s energies.  

This method only involves simple changes. For example, if you place a dancing couple’s photograph or painting in south-south-west, the MahaVastu zone of disposal, you are unknowingly programming your space to attract problems in your marriage. Ideally, such an artefact can be placed in south-west direction, which is the zone of love, relationships and family bonding. Similarly, if you are buying a new flower vase, then, a yellow vase will be ideal for south-south-west as this will control your wasteful expenses.

To get you started, here are some simple vastu tips to know where to place what to garner peace, prosperity, health, wealth and happiness:

 Put a picture of meditating Buddha in the north-east zone to facilitate
connectivity with your own self.

Keep family photographs in the south-west zone of your home to enhance family bonds.

Red colour in the north-east zone can stimulate your aggressive behaviour.
Attract fun and happiness by placing television and music system in the east-north-east zone your home.

Place an aquarium in the east-south-east zone of your home to remove anxiety.

The computer and work table will bring gains and knowledge if placed in the south-west, west-south-west and west zones.

Ensure that the east zone is decorated with a smiling, benevolent sun.

Place a blue flower vase in the north zone of your home to attract more money.

Hang a painting of green mountains in golden frame in the west-south-west zone of your home.

Colours matter too

Just like the universe is made up of five basic elements, all colours are primarily the shades of the hues of the basic five elements. Interestingly, the energy emanated through colours is such that it has the potential to make or mar a person’s life. By knowing which colour is suitable in which zone, you can not only bring prosperity and happiness into your life, but also dispel all the negativity from your home.

North: You should use shades of blue, black and green in the north zone of your home or workplace.

East: Shades of blue, green and brown are best for the east zones for your space.

South: Warm colours like red, pink, maroon, are the best colours for the south zone.

 West: Use yellow, grey, white and silver, in the west zone

You can learn how to select new interior objects for your home to be able to manifest your desires and attract more happiness, love and prosperity in your home in the upcoming articles.

(The author is a vastu expert)

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