'Shah Rukh's a magnificent actor'

'Shah Rukh's a magnificent actor'

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'Shah Rukh's a magnificent actor'

For those who have watched cricket, South African all-rounder Jacques Kallis’ name will definitely bring a smile on their face. Having been a maestro on the pitch, he is the head coach of Kolkata Knight Riders now and has been encouraging the team to perform well. In the city recently for the launch of ‘Virtual Reality’, a refinement in the strand-by-strand (cosmetic) hair replacement procedure, the cricketer talks to Tini Sara Anien about his game and more.

How different is cricket for you now?

From a coaching point of view, it is different as there’s not much I can do on the field. It’s more of the off-field things that I have to take care of. It’s been different but very enjoyable.

Cricket has changed over the years...
Yes... the techniques and the way coaches go about their business is different now. The game is moving forward and it will keep doing that.

Does the IPL take away the charm of cricket?
Cricket has a place for all formats. (Smiles) Test cricket is still the pinnacle, but T20 is fantastic to watch.

Who’s your favourite Indian cricketer?
I enjoy watching all of them play. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the youngsters play. Virat Kohli started off as a youngster and he’s evolved so much. There are so many others who grew up around me, and I love having been a part of that.

What do you like about India?
I’ve always enjoyed coming to India. I’ve been coming since 1996 and I see that the country has grown. I’ve made some good friends and been to great places here. I’m enjoying these 2 months that I’m here now.

Have you had a chance to explore the country and its culture yet?
I try to take on as much as I can. Unfortunately, the days are quite busy, but I enjoy whatever I can. Learning and observing new things always excites me.

Have you got a chance to see Shah Rukh Khan’s or Juhi Chawla’s movies yet?
It’s not always about the game. I love to unwind with the team and we go out a lot. We recently went out and watched ‘Fan’. There were subtitles and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Shah Rukh Khan is a magnificent actor. What stands out about him is how humble he is — what he has achieved and how he still has time for people around him.  

Similarities between South African and Indian culture...
(Laughs) We are both sports crazy countries! We love our cricket and we are very passionate about winning.

What’s your mantra for KKR?
I don’t have to motivate them. The guys are very motivated, proud and dedicated players.
They are a special group of people who don’t have place for any ego. It’s just a matter of providing them an environment they can enjoy and express themselves in.
Thoughts about Bengaluru...
I’ve been here twice this year and I love the city. After the final match, I hope to come back. I’ve spent a lot of time here, in the first few seasons of the sport, and I really enjoyed it.