New kids on the block

New kids on  the block

Starting off as a ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ tribute project, the band was formed in January this year by Sam Yesudas (lead guitarist), Varun Dhir (drummer), Heeral D’cunha (bassist) and Suman (vocalist). Despite its members coming from various music backgrounds like heavy metal, classic rock, progressive rock and so on, it was the mutual love that they shared for ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ that brought them together.

“We wanted a name that was a quirky version of the band at the same time sounding original. Thus, we came up with ‘Red Hot Rollin’ Papers’,” says Heeral.  
Despite being only 4 months old, they have successfully performed 7 shows and covered over 30 songs. They are famous for their music which is an explosive mix of funk and rap, combining elements of punk and rock. Inspired by the music of the 80s, most of their covers so far are the songs performed by ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’. “I had seen many bands play ‘Californication’ but hardly anyone has attempted the more difficult tracks like ‘By the Way’ and ‘Faith of Factory’, and so we decided to give it a shot,” says Varun. Sam adds, “It is a collaborative effort. Even with the songs we cover, we always tweak it here and there to suit our own taste.”

The band is now working on creating original tunes. The members claim they are in no rush to get a record label yet as they like being independent for the time being. However, they are gaining recognition on social media like Facebook. Having played at venues like ‘The Beer Cafe’, ‘Phoenix MarketCity’, ‘WareAbouts’ and so on, they are at present focussing on having fun and gaining experience to improve their style and skill.

“We are almost done writing our solo which will include material from old and new bands. We have been hard at work and recording will definitely be on our schedule!” exclaims Heeral.

Their ultimate goal is to be able to play with the ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ someday. According to Suman, “Creating opportunity and a means of livelihood through music is a struggle we all face and want to work towards.” They plan to work towards bringing bands and musicians together to support the music initiatives in Bengaluru.

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