Maithriya sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment

Maithriya sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment

Maithriya sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment

A local court on Friday sentenced small-time actress Maithriya Gowda to two years’ imprisonment and awarded one-year imprisonment to her younger sister Supriya Gowda and her relatives Roopa and Rekha for assaulting a head constable on duty about five years ago.

The 5th ACMM court judge Somashekhar found them guilty of the offence and convicted them. The court also slapped a fine of Rs 3,000 on Maithriya and Rs 2,000 each on Supriya, Roopa and Rekha.

However, the advocate for Maithriya used the provision of moving an application seeking bail if the quantum of punishment is less than three years and filed a bail petition. The court considered the provision and granted them bail.

Maithriya, who claimed to have married Karthik Gowda, son of Union Minister D V Sadananda Gowda, and hogged limelight over a year ago, was involved in the assault case on May 17, 2011.

Maithriya, Supriya, Roopa and Rekha were travelling by a car with Maithriya at the wheel. She jumped the signal at National School Junction, Vijayanagar, while talking on the mobile phone.

Vijayanagar traffic police station head constable M Shivakumar was handling the traffic, while sub-inspector Rajanna was imposing penalty on offenders.

Shivakumar stopped Maithriya for jumping the signal, but Maithriya abused him, attempted to strip him and drove her car on his foot. The four women also attempted to assault Rajanna.

Maithriya had misled the court by making false claims that the cops attempted to extract money from her. She also claimed that the police were making false accusations of assault against her to cover up their misdeeds.

However, Shivakumar submitted the penalty receipts and other documents, including a court verdict against her regarding her claims of having married Sadananda Gowda’s son. The court considered the available evidences against her and passed the verdict.