Nice may not get extra land, if govt goes by PWD note

Nice may not get extra land, if govt goes by PWD note

The firm has sought additional 754 acres to finish missing road links

Nice may not get extra land, if govt goes by PWD note

If the state government heeds the Public Works Department’s (PWD)recommendation, then the demand for an additional 754 acres by Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises (Nice) to complete the missing road links would have to be set aside.

Nice, the promoter of the controversial Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor, had in March this year sought lands under section one of the project. The requirement projected was 678 acres for peripheral road, 19 acres for link road and 56 acres for expressway  – to complete the missing links. The company has already completed a major portion of these roads. Of the 111 km of expressway, it has so far completed 4.5 km. It is supposed to construct 13.5 km of expressway under Section A. The company has already deposited the compensation for the land it has sought.

The BMIC project envisages construction of 41 km of peripheral road, 9.1 km of link road, 111 km of expressway and five townships. Conceived in 1995, the project has still remained incomplete because of legal issues pertaining to land.

The PWD has recently written to the government to reject the proposal “as the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) has already handed over 554 acres of excess lands,” over and above the actual requirement. “...The KIADB has already handed over total 2,747 acres i.e., 554 acres in excess against required extent of 2,193 acres. There is no need to hand over further lands in the peripheral road area,” the department has stated.

According to the PWD, the Nice has completed construction of 41 km of peripheral road as asphalt road pavement, except a ramp at the Bannergatta junction and a portion of ramp at the Kengeri junction. The actual requirement of land for the missing links of peripheral road component is 5.28 acres and they will be handed over as and when the existing litigations over them are cleared. These lands are located near Hosahalli, Gollarapalya, Hemmigepura and Gottigere.

The department said that except 400 metres of the missing portion, the company has completed the construction of 9.1 km of link road. The missing portions are near Byatarayanapura, Pantarapalya and Hosakerehalli. As far as completing  13.5 km of expressway, the department has informed the government that 4.5 km of it has been completed. “Private land required for the expressway and Township-1 (under section A) is pending for price fixation acceptance by Nice. After the issue of price fixation is settled, the land will be handed over,” the PWD added.