Apache books into 200 club

Apache books into 200 club

POWER beast

Apache books into 200 club

Nearly a decade ago, the TVS Motor Company made its debut in the class of most stylish bikes with Apache, which is still the most sought after bike among youth for many reasons.

Meanwhile, it was a bit disappointing for the loyal TVS customer to switch to other brands for not finding the 200cc bikes in the list. Though their competitors had manufactured 200cc bikes long ago, TVS had purposely limited to 150, 160 and 180cc bike segments.

However, now the wait is over as the Tamil Nadu-based bike maker has made its debut in the 200cc segment. Bulky body with attractive design, retaining the few similar looks of old Apache model, the all new TVS Apache RTR 200 is the bike for the present generation.

Even at the time of their early models (Apache 160 and 180) are still among the most sought after bikes in the market, TVS has dared enough to launch the same model. Adding few special features to the new model to attract bike lovers, TVS has made the 200cc bikes are worth the wait.The new 200cc bike includes the Apache’s iconic horn, tank design and the doom, which will help us understand it’s a modified version of Apache.

The new added features are the split or separate seats for pillion rider and a rider, which offers the common man a sports bike feel. Single gear lever, digital console, goose-bumping engine sound, single shock observers are newly added features that attract youth at a first look. The double barrel exhaust will give a strong base for the bike, which reduces the usage of horns on city roads. The daytime running LED lamps is another special feature that takes the bike to a different level. These are the special features that make any one who owns the Apache 200 feel proud of his bike.

Rider’s feel
Sitting at a decent height and with a super bike feel, the TVS Apache RTR 200 will make any amateur biker buckle up for the race. As the rider shifts the gear, the smooth movement and the engine noise makes us release more power from our wrist to get a new feel of the ride. The high idling and the engine sound will give a different feel. When cruising on the road, the engine sound tempts the rider to unnecessary accelerate to get goose-bumping sound from the exhaust. With the best road grip, and powerful disk brakes (both front and back), Apache 200 is the bike made with double safety for the rider. The bike can be controlled at any high speed, when the rider is maintaining safe distance from the vehicle in front. The bike is flexible at the curves, which also helps avoid potholes, while in the city limits. However, with heavy pulling, the rider should enjoy the speed on the highway.

Big built
The Apache RTR 200 is composed of a 198cc, four-stroke, single cylinder, oil-cooled engine, which is covered by the four-valve head and controlled by single overhead camshaft. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system developed by Bosch, the motor dishes out 20.7bhp of power at 8,500rpm and 18.1nm of torque at 7000rpm, which makes the power delivery a easy task for the rider.

Reaching top speed
Reaching top speed is easy on the bike, with the extra power and high idling, which tempts you to accelerate more. As the power is always reserved at the twist of our wrist, it’s up to the rider to try his maximum. In the top speed testing, the bike was tested on the straight road of the state highway, where it had steadily reached 136 kmph without putting any effort or vibration in approximately 10 seconds. However, as soon as it crossed 140 kmph, there was a sense of vibration in the moving, which forced the rider to reduce the speed. Our top speed was 144 kmph. Meanwhile, when the top speed was checked in the digital console, it was 158km/hr, which could be tested on another track by the rider leaning on the tank. The company claims mileage of 41km/litre.

Loaded Console
TVS has a done a splendid job by matching up to its competitors with its heavy loaded console.

A speedometer, odometer, two trip meters, gear indicator gear shift light and service reminder. Apart from all these, the console also includes a lap timer, high speed recorder, shortest distance recorder and a tempting line that says ‘Race On’ every time you turn the ignition on. The line is enough for any amateur rider to buckle up for the race.

Unaesthetically placed lid
Though the petrol tank lid is unaesthetically placed (at the right side of the tank), it is not awkward. The rider should make sure to get the pump towards his right every time, when he is in the fuel station. Adding a sporty look is the black stripe in the middle of the fuel tank that also breaks the single colour scheme on the bike.

The all new Apache RTR 200 holds many firsts of TVS bikes, which make it give tough competition for the above one lakh bike category.  The new bike has justified the company’s lavish flaunt RTR (Race Throttle Response).

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