Obama, Biden to campaign for Clinton

Last Updated 30 June 2016, 06:30 IST

US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will hit the campaign trail to support presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, giving a big boost to her bid to the White House.

Obama will make his 2016 campaigning debut for Clinton in North Carolina next week, where they will jointly appear for an election rally.

The July 5 Clinton rally in Charlotte, North Carolina would be the first time that Obama would campaign for his former secretary of state since she announced her bid for the White House.

Obama endorsed Clinton for president earlier this month. "In Charlotte, President Obama and Hillary Clinton will discuss building on the progress we've made and their vision for an America that is stronger together," the Clinton Campaign said in a statement.

Biden, who had been speaking highly of Clinton since Obama endorsed her, said, "I'm proud to endorse Hillary, and I'm grateful you're part of her team -- our whole country is counting on you to make sure she wins this November. President Obama and I are going to be hitting the campaign trail hard to help out as much as we can -- and we hope you'll join us."

"After a long, tough fight, we have a presumptive nominee who's going to be a terrific president: my friend, Hillary," Biden said 20 days after Obama endorsed Clinton in a video email message to his supporters.

Biden, in an email to his and Clinton supporters, said he has known Clinton for a long time -- from the time she was First Lady and Senator from New York.

"She is a force of nature. She's tough, she's brilliant, and she genuinely loves serving this country. Hillary is the kind of person who, at the end of the day, wants to help people and make their lives better. That's who you want as your president," Biden said.

In his email at the same time, Biden lashed out at Donald Trump, the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican party.

"Donald Trump's politics of fear and intolerance have no place in America. He won't solve our problems -- he'll make them worse. Because let me tell you denigrating our allies isn't a foreign policy. Telling the world the United States can't be counted on to pay our debts isn't an economic policy. And attacking the ethnicity of a federal judge violates everything we stand for -- and believe -- as Americans," Biden said.

"I've always believed this nation succeeds best when we come together as one America. But everything about Donald Trump's campaign is determined to divide and pull us apart. There's no one I trust more than Hillary to lead the fight against Trump, and I'm hoping you'll come through as part of her team again and again," Biden said.

Meanwhile, latest poll said Clinton has gained lead over Trump. Releasing its latest opinion poll, Fox News said Clinton is up 44-38 per cent over Trump in a head-to-head matchup.

(Published 30 June 2016, 06:30 IST)

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