GrowthEnabler bets big on its new platform

GrowthEnabler bets big on its new platform

GrowthEnabler bets big on its new platform

 GrowthEnabler, an online platform that coaches and provides advisory services to startups, will launch a new platform — GE PII engine — targeting corporates on August 15.

Started in March last year, GrowthEnabler provides videos, tools and templates, thereby helping startups make informed decisions, is now eyeing corporates by aiding them in connecting with startups (by narrowing it to a few) using the new platform.

“GE intelligence engine analyses market data. It’s a big data platform and it has been built in-house,” said Aftab Malhotra, co-founder of GrowthEnabler, adding that I3 (Intelligence, Interaction and Integration) is its value proposition.

“Both corporates and startups can engage through our platform. If you take corporates, they want a disruptive innovation or technology, and startups provide the same. Our new platform connects the two,” said Rajeev Banduni, co-founder and CEO of GrowthEnabler.

While the research team of GrowthEnabler is in Bengaluru, sales and marketing staff are in London.

“This new platform is available to all across the globe. We will be launching in the US, in another six months. There is a lot of web traffic coming from the US,” said Banduni.

At present, the team size of GrowthEnabler is 18, and it plans to take it to 35, by the end of this year.

Coaching startups

“We started with a mission to help entrepreneurs have access to same opportunities that only a select few have. If you take a startup’s journey, it is filled with many complexities and obstacles. Many, over 90%, fail in the first year itself. We help them solve their problems. We do coaching and not just mentoring,” said Malhotra.

He stressed on the importance of good communicative skills that will help them reach the next level — be it fund raising, or expanding the market.