NEET-II: Students find physics, chemistry papers tough

NEET-II: Students find physics, chemistry papers tough

NEET-II: Students find physics, chemistry papers tough

 Thousands of students breathed a sigh of relief with the second phase of the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET-II) for admissions to undergraduate medical and dental courses, finally getting over on Sunday.

Most students found physics and chemistry papers tough.
Hynul Jeesna, a student of Deeksha Network said that she was “extremely relieved” after as the test was over. “Now, I feel I have nothing to do and can truly enjoy the holidays,” said Hynul.

She said that the physics section was quite tough as there were more of quantitative problems. “Chemistry was also not too great as there were too many theoretical problems. Biology was easy just like the last NEET in May,” she added.

For medical and dental aspirants in Karnataka and throughout the country, it has been one roller coaster ride.

It all started with the Supreme Court’s sudden judgement making NEET the only gateway for such courses and, invalidating the CET and other private entrance exams.

The CET was allowed again through a Central government ordinance, however not before giving a scare to students.

There was also uncertainty over who could appear for NEET-II.  First, it was decided that it was only for those who had not registered for NEET-1. Later, it was changed to allow even those students who took NEET-I.

Asked about the NEET-II, Ashwin Reddy, a student of MES Kishore Kendra, said: “I am just happy that the exams are over. It has been nearly four months of perpetual preparations. From the board exams to CET and two NEET exams. I am not thinking of anything else as of now.” Reddy found the physics paper very lengthy and tough while chemistry was also difficult.

Results by Aug 17

There was strict checking at the exam centres with students asked to adhere to the guidelines on the dress code.

“Girls with high heels were asked to remove them. Pins and clips were not allowed. Boys who came with shoes were asked to remove them as well,” said a student. Many students who came late were not allowed to write the exam. 

A release from CBSE said that more than 90% of the 4.75 lakh students who had registered appeared for the examination.

In accordance with the Supreme Court directions, the combined result for NEET-I and NEET-II will be declared by August 17.