Ringing in the joy

Ringing in the joy

Welcome change

Ringing in the joy
While many cities in the country are alive be it day or night, Bengaluru has been fighting a battle to stretch its nightlife deadline. Winning a 1 am deadline for the weekends was a huge achievement two years back and now the citizens are pepped up about the extended hours for the weekdays. Bengalureans share their thoughts on how the extension of the deadline will transform the character of the city.

Some feel that it is too soon to talk about what will come of this extension, but that it will lead to a change in the city’s ethos. Vivek Gunjikar, co-partner with an event management company, says that though the city is used to sleeping early, this extension will change things. “There are venues which are apprehensive about the deadline. But once the excitement picks up, the city’s character will change. Bengaluru has a large youth population and most of them will jump at the chance of being able to stay out late,” says Vivek.

He points out that often celebrations like anniversaries and birthday parties are moved to the weekend because there is no space for a late night event during weekdays. “Everyday someone has a special moment to celebrate. Now one can celebrate when they wish to,” he adds.

Young Bengalureans are highly excited about this move by the authorities. “I am from Mumbai and it was a little surprising for me when my friends at work told me that we couldn’t celebrate a friend’s farewell party the same day as venues would have closed by 11 pm. Celebrating a special moment four days later seemed really out of place to me,” says Akanksha Mathur, an IT professional. She says that she and her friends are happy and looking forward to the change the extension will bring. “Such changes will also open up the city to better opportunities and lesser stress levels,” she opines.

Artistes across the city feel that the change in deadline will boost the careers of most performers. Tejas Shankar, member of ‘Lagori’, says that this will be a positive turn for the many professionals in the city who work late hours. “Often people end up working additional hours and at the end of it, all they want is to hang out with some friends and listen to some good music. The 1 am deadline extension is a welcome change in this regard,” says Tejas.

He adds that the venues can choose to stay open if they wish to. “As in every city, there are many who would like to stay up and party or just chill with a drink. Also, this opens up spaces for more performances on a daily basis.”

Singer Suraj Mani, from ‘Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip’, says that music banned or limited to a time reflects a boorish society. “Music is what makes humans better. This extension of the deadline will be a good turn. Bengaluru is a BPO city; people work on different hours and get free at different hours. Thus, being able to take a break when one wants to is the need of the hour,” he says.  DJ and musician Vishal Unni says that this will definitely lead to a bigger space for more musicians and other stage artistes. “Often, most artistes don’t get enough stage exposure or time because most acts get over by 11 pm. Now, since venues can be open for a higher duration, amateur and smaller artistes will also get a chance. With the extension, there will be an extension of art too.”

Vishal adds that people also get a chance to network and meet new people through this. “Just like the weekends, one gets a chance to unwind and let their hair down if they choose to. We have a lot of social life and venues to explore. This will be a positive change for the city,” he adds.