Becoming sensitive to life

If you have to become sensitive to life, first of all you must become life. In twenty-four hours, how many moments are you functioning as a piece of life? Most of the time you are a thought, emotion, idea, opinion, philosophy, relationship, or something else. If you want to be sensitive to life, you must be life yourself.

If you can conduct your body and mind with a little distance, you will naturally become life sensitive. Everything we have done in the name of yoga is only to bring that life sensitivity. Only when you are sensitive to life, you are with reality. Right now, you are only ego sensitive. You say, "I am a sensitive person." What you are saying is, you have a big, strong ego.

Being sensitive does not mean that you get hurt or irritated for everything. If you are life sensitive, you experience every other life as yourself because you are life too. What is sitting around you is as much life as you are. If you sit here as life, intrinsically you know that. If you sit here as a thought or idea, you are completely different from the rest of the existence. If you sit here as anything other than life, you are fake; you are not real.

If you want to become life sensitive, a simple process is to make whatever you think and feel less important. Try and see for one day. Suddenly you will feel everything in a completely different way. Suddenly the life in you becomes much more alive in your experience. Then you become life sensitive. Once you are sensitive to this life, there is no way you will not be sensitive to other life. Because you will no longer see what you call as "myself" as just the body. If you look around, you see that this "me" is all over. Then you are naturally sensitive to everything.

Becoming life sensitive is not an exercise, ideology or philosophy. If you are life, you would be sensitive to life. Right now you are trying to be everything other than life; that is the whole problem. If you see that whatever your body, mind and emotion are saying is not important, you will suddenly become extremely sensitive to life.

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