Wearing many hats

Wearing many hats

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Wearing many hats

We recently saw him starring alongside Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma in Ali Abbas Zafar’s ‘Sultan’ and now, 34-year-old Meiyang Chang will be seen recapturing Bollywood’s best moments in Switzerland in ‘Swiss Made Adventure’.

He chats with Garima Arora about his journey from being a dentist to a singer and an actor, and the challenges that he faced.

Your journey so far...

So much has been achieved but so much still to conquer. This beautiful journey has been punctuated with wonderful experiences, many highs, a few lows, fantastic lessons, inspiring stalwarts and loyal fans and friends. When I look back, I know this progression from a dentist to an entertainer was meant to be. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

You started with a reality show in the industry. How did that help you?

When I started, my only goal was to participate and do well — just like in any other singing competition in school or college.

It was only after  becoming one of the top contestants on the show that I realised this was bigger than anything I had been part of before.

My horizons broadened and so did my ambitions. The show became the pole vault that helped me bypass the initial struggle and made me a recognisable and a reliable face. It created a live market for me, gave me my first recording and opened doors for me.  

Do you think many reality show contestants tend to disappear after the show?

No one disappears per se.

It is their relevance and evolution that decides their fate in public memory.

 I didn’t win the show I started off with. And yet, here I am years later, loving what I do.
How relevant I remain in the future will be decided by my dedication towards my art in the years to come.

Which medium do you love?

In the last nine years in the industry, I’ve done three films, a dozen television shows, songs, digital content and too many live performances to count. The volume of work in the fields that I dabble in is incidental.
Music takes up most of my time, followed by the small screen and then the large one. These days I’m exploring the smallest screen of them all, the digital space on our devices. I love them all equally and every medium has its own niche, challenges and charm.

What works more for you, singing or acting?

Both work equally well. They’re poles apart and yet symbiotic. I get a kick out of both. A man does not choose between his passions.

The milestone of your career till now...

For a guy who came into the industry from outside, every project is like a new exciting toy and a milestone in itself. It is impossible for me to label only one.

How challenging has it been?

The only challenge that matters is handling the naysayers. For every good deed and praise, there are a thousand critics who are ready to pull you down or belittle your work. I take constructive criticism seriously and try to better my craft based on that. But I ignore the ‘faltu noise’.

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