'I enjoy being around positive people'

'I enjoy being around positive people'

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'I enjoy being around positive people'

Pranati Rai Prakash is the winner of MTV’s ‘India’s Next Top Model Season 2’. Having graduated from NIFT Mumbai, it was always her dream to be in the modelling industry. Having gone through many hurdles for the competition, she shares her experience with Anila Kurian.
How does it feel to win the show?

It feels very good because I’ve been working for it for a few years now. I’ve always wanted to be a model and an actor and I know I have the skills for it. I feel that I deserve the title and all my efforts have paid off.

How have you changed since the competition?

There were many things that I never thought about before I came in because I didn’t have the opportunity to. But the competition has provided me with a platform to think beyond that. Every challenge was also an opportunity to showcase my skills as a model.

The motto you followed...

Whenever we had a shoot, I would try and give my best. When there were glitches, I realised that the feedback I received helped. It’s great if you lack something because you can always improve. In short, my motto was to take the feedback and work on what I found myself lacking in.

What next?

I want to continue modelling, do editorial and fashion shoots, along with fashion shows. I would also like to get into movies. I have loved acting since childhood. For me, modelling and acting go hand in hand.

How do you spend your free time?

I love watching happy movies, listening to songs and dancing. I enjoy being around positive people who give me good energy and who help lift my mood.

Your inspiration...

My inspiration is the image that I have set for myself in my own mind. I have a certain image of who I aspire to become. I want to be a certain someone and I am constantly working towards it. And my passion for doing so inspires me. I want to be an entertainer.

According to you, what is the best part of being a model?

We get to showcase different fashion brands. The opportunity to wear designer garments and to show the creativity behind it is great. Every picture shot has a story behind it. The interpretation is very good. The model always has a great role to play in it. It’s like she narrates the entire story for you. So the best part is, I get to play the model!

And the worst?

It would have to be that you are judged a lot — sometimes for your looks, body or character. But we need to realise that it is our job. We are different individuals in our personal life. To be criticised openly because you are a public figure is a bit of a put-off.

Three things about yourself that you would want others to know.

Firstly, I won my first pageant as a baby for being the healthiest one. Secondly, when I speak Hindi, I say things like, “Mai aata hoon... mai jaata hoon.. mai ye karta hoon.. mai khata hoon”. Lastly, I have changed 13 schools and stayed in almost every state of India.

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