TailsLife brings to life an 'appy' way to love and care for pets

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Last Updated : 09 October 2016, 19:08 IST

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The pet at home... Spilling oodles of love and gifting much-needed companionship to owners, the adorable furballs are eveready friends to those in awe of meows and woofs!

Loving pet dogs and cats offer comfort and care to their ‘masters’, but need at least twice the attention and parenting from the latter. What began as a love for pets, and a lack of finding immediate answers to questions on efficient pet care, motivated Balaji Ramesh to set up TailsLife, an app-based platform aimed at happy pet parenting.

It was about a year ago that Balaji, with help from wife Prachi Gupta and childhood friend Dushyant Rao, took his pet project out for a walk, and it has been running since. “When my sister gifted me a dog, it wasn’t very easy taking care of him since both of us were working. While I was searching for various services to take care of my pet better, I hit upon the idea to developing an app dedicated to pet care solutions,” Balaji, who is also the CEO, says.

Last year, when TailsLife launched the version 1.0 of its app, it garnered over 1,500 downloads in a month.

As an app, TailsLife provides one with tailored content for pet care, based on type (cat or dog) and age. For instance, if a first-time pet parent is on the lookout for answers to certain specific queries related to puppy feed, he/she may pose the same to TailsLife.

“There are two verticals that we’re trying to tap right now — content and services. In terms of content, we offer tailored knowledge, put out by a team of experts — vets, trainers, groomers, and behaviourists, among others. Even pet parents can get to interact with each other on the ‘Tales’ forum. The app also has value-added features such as vaccination notifications,” co-founder Kanishka Lihala, who also handles business strategy, tells DH.   

To use the app, one must enter the pet’s details, based on which, one can post queries. The app boasts of a self-learning mechanism, which analyses the given details, providing personalised expertise.

In terms of services, Lihala says, “Currently, we have partnered with vets, groomers, and boarders, who can be reached via the app. We’ve also developed the back-end for the service providers to manage bookings.”

TailsLife, which has received an undisclosed angel funding from a group of VCs, will be launching the version 2.0 of its app, within the next month. “We are working on adding more categories of pets (size- and age-wise). The app will cater to an all-India audience, for whom we want to offer a complete pet care ecosystem. We are also emphasising on rescue and adoptions, and are looking for more partnerships with service providers,” Balaji concludes.

Published 09 October 2016, 16:18 IST

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