Young talent on the rise

New beginning

Young talent on the rise

There’s much expected for the year ahead, be it in the field of fashion, music industry or films.

With arts growing by leaps and bounds, an industry that saw a lot of transformation was our own vibrant Sandalwood, which saw a lot of refreshing scripts in 2016. Raising its own bar, young artistes in the industry speak about the possibilities they see for themselves and the industry in the year ahead. 

Actors in the industry who got a big boost this year with their projects are expecting the industry to change for the better. Iti Acharya, a young actor who was seen in projects like ‘Deal Raja’ and ‘Badmaash’, will be seen in ‘Dhwani’ in 2017.

“Realistic cinema is the trend of the times and 2017 is definitely going to welcome projects which are inspired from incidents around us. More and more movies that will include slices of life inspired from our own lives and around, will be seen on the silver screen,” voices Iti.

Iti adds that though she was reluctant to act in ‘Dhwani’ initially, she understood that ‘close to life’ subjects will be the trend in the industry soon for the years ahead.

Yash Shetty who was seen in ‘John Jani Janardhan’ and ‘Sojiga’ this year, feels that 2017 will see a big shift in growth of all genres and characters. “I have been seen in variations of many villainous roles and I wish to explore much more through all the roles. After the release of ‘John Jani Janardhan’, I have been offered many roles and I see the year ahead to be a very encouraging one for all young artistes,” he says. Yash feels that the industry is opening to different characterisation, which seems promising.

Actor Anup Revanna who was seen in ‘Lakshmana’ this year, says that the past years have proved that experimentation is the norm of the day. “The industry has seen new movies which were accepted, appreciated and also made money. This is a big thing. Movies like ‘Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu’, ‘Tithi’ and ‘U-Turn’ have done well. This is good for filmmakers and the artistes. This trend will continue to burgeon in 2017.”

Anup who will be seen in ‘Raja Ratha’ next year and who has co-written a script which will be directed by Rishab Shetty, is hopeful that the year ahead will see content which is interesting and a continuing audience for the same. “There is a bridging of  all sections of the audience in projects nowadays, which is important.”

The apprehension of hiring fresh talent is fading away in the industry, says actor Purvi Joshi. “This year is the time for young actors to be here. It’s no more about the faces but more about the characters that are being portrayed in each project now,” she says. 

People are willing to watch Kannada movies and are opening up to the idea of experimenting. Purvi who will be seen in ‘BMW’ and ‘Raja Hamsa’ feels, “The changing storyline and the technicalities are adding to the uniqueness of all the projects and this will only increase in 2017.”

Sandalwood has gone through a bout of changes and young actors like Rajvardhan Dingri, son of veteran actor Dingri Nagaraj, feels that the year ahead will be a great one to mark his niche.

“My projects ‘Fly’, ‘Noorondu Nenappu’ and ‘Ira’ are bound for a 2017 release. While ‘Fly’ is a romantic movie, ‘Noorondu...’ will see me in a rugged 80s look and in ‘Ira’ I play a posh character. Variety is the spice of life and this will be the theme of the industry itself in the coming year,” feels Rajvardhan.

He says that with the advent of new scripts and storylines, the industry will see a lot of growth and experimentation in terms of characters and stories too. “This will be my year!” he adds with a smile.

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