In love with the diverse charm

Melting pot

In love with the diverse charm

Better opportunities, the accepting nature of the city and its ever-energetic people have enticed many to Bengaluru. That also happens to be the case with Abir Dasgupta and Moly Chakraborty, who hail from Khardah, Kolkata.

While Abir works as a senior software engineer with Odessa Technologies, Moly works as a gym trainer. The two have made Bengaluru their home and are content with their stay here.

After his graduation, Abir was offered a job in the city through campus placement. “The city’s dynamic nature has opened up many jobs for IT professionals. Compared to other cities, Bengaluru often tops the list for people who are a part of the technology sector,” says Abir.

Hailing from the same place, the couple vouches that the most busy time of the year there is during ‘Durga Puja’. “One will find people visiting from far-off places, themed ‘pandals’ with Taj Mahal-like structures, and a lot of activity going on. It’s not just about the celebrations but the sheer energy all around,” says Moly. Coming from a liberal family, she says that it was easy to adapt to people from all over. “The values instilled at home have helped us adapt to new people and experiences,” she says.

Before moving to the south, Moly spent her entire life in Kolkata and she says that she loves Bengaluru for its diverse charm.

“The balance of modernity and traditions is interesting. I enjoy the daily interactions and like how people are ready to mingle with each other,” she says. Of the experiences she remembers, Moly says that it was nice to see people who do not celebrate ‘Holi’ get involved with the festivities here. “This is how open they are to varied traditions. Bengaluru is like a mini India, which makes the stay endearing.”

She also likes the fact that everyone is always busy doing something or the other here. “People, especially women, will not be seen sitting around whiling away time here. They love using their time productively,” she says.

However, Moly feels that back home, people are far more involved with others around. “I lived with my family there and I miss them a lot. The people who lived around us there were like an extended family,” she says. Abir adds, “This is very different from here, where people are busy with their own lives. Also, back home, people were involved in a lot of social work.”

Having lived in a joint family before moving to Bengaluru, Abir feels that the city is a paradise for bachelors. “I’ve spent time here alone and now with Moly. The experiences are very different,” he says.

The Ganges flows close by his hometown and the banks of the river often prove to be a meeting place for people there, says Abir. “Since the lifestyle is different here, we meet people for lunch or dinner outside here,” says Abir. He adds, “Kolkata is a crowded place and there is too much going on. Compared to that, we love our stay here. We stay in a peaceful locality here, which is a great respite.”

Street food is a big part of their culture. About their daily diet, Abir says, “We are used to having a lot of fish. Our diet usually consists of rice, some kind of ‘dal’, vegetables and fish. We miss the cheaper and spicier street food like rolls and Chinese items like ‘chowmein’ and ‘chilli chicken’.” Moly adds, “I miss ‘golgappas’. But I like the ‘dosa’ here, so it’s all well.”

When the couple has some time to spare, they visit restaurants like ‘Bhojohori Manna’, ‘Panch Phoron’, ‘The Black Pearl’, ‘Absolute Barbecues’ and ‘Loft 38’. “Within the city, we visit places like Lalbagh   and Nandi Hills, Hogenakkal Falls, Coorg and Goa, when we want to get out of the city,” says Abir. 

Working in the fitness industry, Moly feels that Bengaluru comprises a fitter crowd compared to her hometown. “People are health conscious here. There are individuals from all age groups who come to the gym, avoid fatty foods and watch their diet. Since people are more informed here, they also like to share their knowledge with others,” informs Moly. The couple loves many things about Bengaluru including its weather and aims to stay on for as long as they can. “The advantages of the city overshadow other things like the traffic. We feel at home here,” says Abir.

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