Going one step further

Going one step further

Belly dancing

Going one step further

Tarantismo Creative Dance Company is organising an annual student showcase, ‘Footlights’, which is an opportunity for students from different batches to get together and perform in front of other students, family and friends.

It is a three-month course that will take one through the magic of belly dancing, the beautiful techniques and ‘divalicious’ music end of which the participant can perform a special belly dance sequence at a grand auditorium — with lights, make up, costumes and an enthusiastic audience.

This is the 8th edition of ‘Footlights’ and the course will have a brief intro to the origin of belly dance, its different forms, type of music, myths related to this dance form and other interesting trivia which will be shared by their experienced instructors.

The course will throw light on the basic posture and different arms of traditional oriental belly dance form. Tarantismo does pure ‘Raqs Sharqi’ or a fusion of this form.
Each session will start with a warmup and revision of techniques learned in the previous class. Every class will have a minimum of three to four new techniques will be taught depending on the level of difficulty.

Drills and choreos combining all the techniques learnt so far will also be done in every class. One can dance to a range of exotic Arabic and oriental music numbers. At the end of the three-month course, they will have a show in an auditorium.

Tarantismo conduct regular classes in belly dancing and also do corporate and other shows. Apart from that, they do ‘sangeet choreographies’ (mostly Bollywood) and host regular workshops around the city. For details, call 8884758838. You can also write to info@tarantismo.in