Do you own a choker yet?

Do you own a choker yet?

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Do you own a choker yet?

Each new semester brings hope, excitement and happiness. It gives you the chance to start afresh and make new changes in your life.

If you have been thinking of upgrading your wardrobe with the latest trends, well, look no further. We have some tips that will help you pull off several fresh looks with just a few small changes.

Most of the latest trends today are inspired from the styles of the 80s and the 90s. Here is a list of outfits and accessories you need to own to reinvent your persona this semester.

 Bomber jacket: Also known as a flight jacket, this can be worn with your regular jeans and tee. Throw it on over a black dress or a flared skirt for a classy yet casual look.

 Patched jeans: The trend that used to be a hit in the 90’s is back with a bang. Patched jeans are fun, quirky and add an interesting touch to your style. You can incorporate this into your everyday look. You can try adding patches to denim shorts too.

 Off-shoulder tops: The 80’s off-shoulder trend has become a rage again, be it with Western or traditional outfits. Another variation of an off-shoulder top is a cold shoulder top. From flashing one shoulder to both, these tops and dresses look super fashionable. Ethnic wear labels are also copying this trend and experimenting with off-shoulder blouses and even anarkalis with similar detailing.

 Crop tops: Also called a belly shirt, tummy top and shortcutoff shirt, the crop top is in vogue because it looks sexy on girls. The lower part of the top is high enough to expose the midriff or the navel. With trendy crop tops, a girl can look slim and stylish. However, be mindful of your body type before opting for this one!

 Leather pants and skirts: If you are looking for something different from the regular jeans or skirts, try their leather versions. Teaming up a leather shirt with denims can be quirky when done well. One can also experiment with leather skirts, shorts and jackets in various colours.

 Chokers: This has become the most popular trend in Indian cities these days. Team up a sexy black lacy choker with an off-shoulder or cold shoulder top. The accessory also looks good with tops and dresses with low necklines. You can even try wearing them in different colours and designs available with embelishments and attachments. If nothing impresses you, then go for the classic black choker.

 Stripes: Stripes never go out of style. For this new semester, make your style statement with a vintage-style striped dresses. Stripes in classic silhouettes like A-line skirts, fitted dresses, and wide-legged pants in diverse colours are super attractive.  You can team it up with some simple and bright tops as well.

 Bold athletic wear: Athletic wear is meant for sports like running, jogging and other outdoor activities. However, they are extremely comfortable even otherwise. Wear those yoga pants while going out for a cup of coffee with your pals. They are a no-no for class though.

 Floral prints: They add grace and feminine charm to a girl’s attire. Go for dresses or tops with minimal floral prints for a classy and elegant look.

(The author is an image consultant and wedding stylist)