Animals cannot be beaten or branded under revised rules

Animals cannot be beaten or branded under revised rules

Animals cannot be beaten or branded under revised rules

A fresh set of rules on animal markets propose a complete ban on beating the animals, applying dye on their skin, and branding and decorating them with ornaments while bringing them to the markets for sale.

Prepared by the Union environment ministry, the draft rules not only seek to regulate animal markets and improve their conditions, but would also make it mandatory for a cattle owner to declare before the officials that he is not selling the animal for slaughter.

Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, the rules on livestock markets were released for public comments last week, amidt the raging controversy on Jallikattu. 

The central government had taken a favourable stand with regard to the bull-taming sport in Tamil Nadu, even though the Supreme Court had ruled against conducting the traditional game.

One of the provisions in the new rule is an explicit ‘no’ on the use of force to control animals. Hot and cold branding,  shearing and painting horns and preventing a calf from suckling are also prohibited.

“No person shall use excessive force to control any animal in a market, including but not limited to breaking of its tail, hitting with a stick, goad or other instrument, and rubbing chilli or any other substance in the eyes and nose rings,” read a provision in the rules.

There are restrictions on the sale of cattle.  No one is allowed to sell a calf and those selling an adult animal have to give an undertaking that the animal was sold only for agriculture purpose and not slaughter. Both the seller and buyer will also have to leave their contacts with the authorities in case any follow-up action is required.

Once in place, these rules are to be administered by the animal market committees, which will have veterinary, forest and police officers, besides people associated with animal welfare.
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Using of excessive force to control animals 
Hot and cold branding
Shearing, painting of horns
Preventing a calf from suckling
Hitting the animal with a stick, goad or similar instruments
Rubbing chilli or any other substance in its eyes, nose
Selling cattle for slaugther