A global touch

A global touch

Wine pairing

A global touch

It’s a three-day wine and food extravaganza at The Oberoi with ‘The Fine Wine Affair’ event supported by La Cave.

The garden area of the hotel has transformed itself into a carnival of its own with wine pavilions, sommeliers and wine lovers.

The unique concept is to celebrate artisan growers and premium wine labels along with some exquisite culinary accompaniments. With nearly 100 labels being featured from across eight countries, the selections showcased for this festival are from USA, Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

As each region have their stalls decorated in a quirky manner, the visitors can meet the key representatives and have interactive conversations and discussions.

Designed to be an ‘experience theatre’, the wineries ensure that the journey is not only enriching but also meaningful. When you walk into the garden, you will be given a ‘passport’ stamped with a culinary visa which you can use to try the various wine selections offered.

But as wine is not complete without food, there is an interesting tapas section that one can carry their wine glasses to and find something to pair with. There is an array of choices, most of which have an Indian touch to them.

If you are a mushroom lover, the ‘Confit mushroom’ is an interesting choice. But if the wine you’ve chosen calls for a fish dish, the ‘Poke’, which is a fish salad, is recommended. However, if you are looking for something on the leaner side, the ‘Pork napolotini’, ‘Bavarian meat loaf’ and ‘Chicken lyoner’ will be ideal.

There are some wines that need an acidic touch of flavour to go with them. For these, ‘Confit octopus with lemon’, ‘Spanish ensaladilla rusa’ and  ‘Pepperoni’ are just perfect. If you want to keep it classic and simple, you can always opt for the ‘Blue brie’, ‘Double Gloucester’ or ‘Black pepper cheddar’.

The festival is on till March 6 and these evenings  will showcase these wines paired with food.

The festival will start at 12 pm. To be a part of ‘The Fine Wine Affair Bengaluru’, log on to www.bookmyshow.com.