Seek the path less travelled

Seek the path less travelled

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Seek the path less travelled

Dear Sir,
I am studying in Class 9. I am interested in joining manufacturing companies. Can you please provide information about related courses, examinations to take up etc.

Dear Chinmay,
First set your career goals in terms of becoming a qualified professional and acquiring domain specialisation.  Accordingly, you can select your subjects after Class 10 and the degree that you will do after Class 12.  All big companies employ engineers, personnel for finance, HR, administration, legal, marketing etc. Once you are qualified, you can decide which company to join. Ensure that the career goals you set are based not only on your interest, but also your skills, aptitude and personality traits.

Dear Sir,
I am studying in Class 10 (ICSE). I have a lot of interest in learning ‘Space Science’. Which course should I take to pursue it? Which institutes are good for such courses? My parents are insisting that I study in a good science college with PCMB and IIT-JEE coaching. Is it a good choice?
A confused student

Dear confused student,
Since your basic interest is in science, do go ahead and take up PCMB after your Class 10.  That will give you time to narrow down to your specific goal.  Taking up JEE coaching is entirely your choice since tens of lakhs of students all over the country take up IIT coaching, whereas, there are less than 10,000 seats in all the IITs put together.  Also, there is no such thing as IIT-JEE.  You have to appear for the JEE exam ( for all central government colleges including NITs etc.  The top 1,50,000 of those who qualify for JEE-Advanced have to appear for that exam from which candidates are selected for IITs. There is also a possibility that the exam pattern will change significantly.

Dear Sir,
I am a I PUC student. After finishing my second year, what course should I opt for? I am interested in Electronics and Biology. But I dislike Mathematics. Please help me come out of this dilemma. My parents and family want me to opt for medical. Please suggest what should i do in future.
Tausif Ahmed

Dear Tausif,
Liking or hating some subjects is only one part of career selection. You also have to check your skills, personality traits, scores, lifestyle you prefer and your aptitude.  Please look at your selection holistically.  There are also ways to combine your love for two fields, e.g., if you like electronics and medicine, you can take up a BE in Medical  Electronics or Biomedical Engineering – but both of them do involve significant amount of Mathematics.

Dear Sir,
I am currently studying in PUC I and have opted for PCMB. I wish to join BSc (Agriculture). What is the cut-off rank in CET to join the above mentioned course in Karnataka. Do I have to take up any extra exam for this course? Also, please do tell me about the career options after the course.

Dear Jahnavi,
It is good that you are interested in Agricultural Sciences since not many opt for this career though it is quite rewarding. You have done the right thing by taking up PCMB.  You have to appear for the state CET, and there will be equal weightage given to your PUC and CET marks for drawing up the merit list.  Cut-off rank cannot be predicted for the next year, but if you prepare well, have an interest and aptitude in outdoors, nature, travel, and can get along with rural people, you can get fairly lucrative jobs in government, agriculture product manufacturers, NGOs, corporate farming companies etc.  If you are more of a city-oriented person you can consider BSc Horticulture also.

Dear Sir,
My daughter is in Class 10. She is good at painting, drawing and handicrafts. She wants to pursue painting as a career. Kindly suggest suitable courses that she should take up after Class 10, so that she will be able to take up painting as career.
M P Venkatesh

Dear Venkatesh,
It is good that your daughter is seeking the path less travelled based on her interest and capabilities, and congratulations to you as a parent for encouraging her to choose what she will be happy doing. It would be better if she takes up Arts after Class 10 and in her spare time take up some short-term courses in creativity, drawing etc.  For her generation, it is also necessary to be computer savvy since most design and creativity related work will be done on the computer, so let her take up some courses to sharpen her software skills.  When she comes to Class 12, she can explore admission to various reputed design institutions including IITs (through UG-CEED exam), NID, MICA etc.  Eventually, she can decide to specialise in painting or any specific field which she chooses.

Dear Sir,
I completed BE five years ago, worked for a software firm for 1.25 yrs, then quit and joined bank. I am continuing in the banking sector since then. I completed my MSc in Applied Psychology through distance education recently from Annamalai university. I would like to study Psychology further and then have a career in it. Can you kindly guide me in this regard.
Karkada Bhavana Aithala

Dear Karkada,
It is nice that despite being a qualified engineer you are looking for a career that will give you long-term satisfaction and a meaningful life. For the time being you can continue in your bank job.  Since you have acquired the theoretical knowledge of Psychology, you can now take up part-time practical courses that will enhance your hands-on skills in counseling, life skills, psycho-therapies etc.  There are many institutions offering courses, including NIMHANS, KPAMRC, Genie Kids, Banjara Academy, Enfold etc in Bangalore, and similarly in other cities too.

Dear Sir,
My son is in Class 10. He wants to pursue catering as he is interested in becoming a chef. Kindly suggest the best way to move on. What are the courses he should be taking up? Please guide.
A parent

Dear Parent,
Culinary Arts is the name of the field which makes chefs.  Degree courses in culinary arts are available to students who have completed Class 12 with any subjects.  Some of the reputed institutions include Welcome Group (, ITM (, Ecole (, Academy of Culinary Arts, Institute of Hotel Management ( and Culinary Academy of India (