She is 'going for it' in a men's world

She is 'going for it' in a men's world

She is 'going for it' in a men's world

She filed her papers as a Lok Satta candidate on the last day of nominations, convinced that she could ring in some change. It’s a change from academics and psychology to civic matters.

She’s upfront on the ward’s problems, and minces no words, as she battles eight rivals, all men, in the elections.  

Her field of study is behavioural science and mental health. She studied both in the US and in India.

Armed with a PhD, she was a nominated member of the Bangalore University. She has been actively involved with many NGOs, including the Cheshire Home, Association of the Mentally Challenged and the Red Cross in Karnataka.

A resident of Jayamahal Extension, she decided to jump into the fray with a budget of Rs 5 lakh. “It was a call of duty.”

Bala Mani is clear about her objectives. “Honesty and integrity, efficiency and responsibility, a safe environment, garbage and cleanliness, stray dogs, traffic, lung space and emergency medical facility for residents, particularly for senior citizens, are my priorities.”

Corruption is her pet hate. “But corruption also recoils. What goes around comes around. I joined the Lok Satta out of the sense of helplessness and frustration I felt in the face of corruption in governance today. If we all chicken out then nothing can change,” she observes.

Bala Mani says for a good cause you have to be a fighter.