New KSRTC interstate services

New KSRTC interstate services

KSRTC will run special buses to cater to increase in demand during summer.  A new Rajahamsa service between Bengaluru and Vad­aka­ra, Kerala will start from April 1. The bus will leave Bengaluru at 7.30 pm and Vadak­ara at 8 pm.

A Corona service betwee­n Bengaluru (departure 4 pm) and Salem (departure 11.30) pm will start on the same day. Two Volvo services between Bengaluru (departures 7.30 pm, 11.15 pm) and Kadapa (departures 10.30 pm, 9 am) have been announced. A multi-axle service between Bengaluru (departure 11.30 pm) and Ooty (departure 1 pm) will also be launched.

Two express bus services between Bengaluru (departur­es 6.30 am, 8.30 pm) and Tir­u­pa­ti (departures 5.45 pm, 6.30 pm) and between Benga­luru (departures 12.45 pm, 9.30 pm) and Tirukoilur (dep­art­ures 4.15 am, 3 pm) will be run.

A Corona service between Bengaluru (departure 2 pm) and Kanchipuram (departure 10.30 pm) will be launched from April 15. A sleeper service between Bengaluru (departure 5.30 pm) and Panaji (departure 7.45 am) via Hubballi will also be launched on the same day.

A multi-axle service on the same route will start on April 1. It will leave Bengaluru at 6.30 pm and Panaji at 5.30 pm. Advanced reservations  can be made from KSRTC and private counters besides online.