An interactive platform

An interactive platform

Online learning

The British Council is launching the latest version of myEnglish online learning courses for adult learners from March 25.

With student experience and learning outcomes at the core of course innovation, myEnglish is designed to help learners get a competitive edge and develop their communication and career-enhancing skills. The courses are designed to support learners with busy work/study schedules by providing flexible study options through an innovative, interactive, online format.

Learners progress through the course with a dedicated teacher for maximum support and interaction with their teacher and course mates — bringing the British Council classroom experience into their home. They engage throughout the course on a dedicated learning platform and through live and interactive lessons, with clearly outlined learning objectives to contribute to their overall progress.

“The language learning market is neither standing still in response to change nor is the British Council in its offering,” says Michael King, Director Examinations at the British Council.

This course will be available at three levels; each level consists of three, six-week courses. “Apart from language learning, it develops the skills of interaction, presentation and study,” adds Ramchandra Kulkarni, a student at the intermediate level from Pune.

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