Ex-mayor of London borough Neeraj Patil campaigns for Prasad

Ex-mayor of London borough Neeraj Patil campaigns for Prasad

Dr Neeraj Patil, ex-mayor of Lambeth in the United Kingdom, of the Basaveshwara statue fame in London, is in Nanjangud, canvassing for BJP candidate V Srinivas Prasad.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, he said, he knows Prasad since a long time, so he would campaign for him for a couple of days more.

He toured Badanavalu, Devanuru and some villages on Thursday, after meeting Prasad and getting information about the bypolls in the constituency. He interacted with the people and discussed about the government’s schemes and projects.

He said, voters across the world are the same, be it in London or Nanjangud. “The voters are not beggars. They do not ask for alms. They do not want the sarees and laptops given by politicians. They want the politicians to create opportunities for them to get jobs and lead a respectable life. It is their right. It is the duty of the government to provide good schools, hospitals and roads. But, the governments, so far, have failed in discharging their duties properly,” he said.

Neeraj said, “I admire Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I appreciate the demonetisation move initiated by him. Thus, I voluntarily canvass for BJP candidates. However, I have no aspirations to contest elections in India,” he said.

“The labourers are paid the lowest wages in the world in India. How can one change the economy overnight while the poor are paid low wages and the rich are imposed lesser taxes?” he asked.

Pointing out that 2,000 people from the UK had come to Punjab to canvass for the Aam Aadmi Party in the recently concluded elections, he said, NRIs wish to play a major role in the development of India.
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