Docs in Varthur area report spike in children falling ill

Docs in Varthur area report spike in children falling ill

Docs in Varthur area report spike in children falling ill

Increased air and water contamination has led to a steep rise in the number of children falling ill in the Varthur lake area, according to a study.

Doctors practising in the vicinity of the lake say the summer heat is adding to their patients' misery. The lake is often frothing from effluents released into it.

Over the past year, Dr Ramesh Krishnaiah of Ramagondanahalli has found more patients coming to him with gastro enteritis and diarrhoea than before.

The diseases are caused by contaminated food and water.

Many farmers use water from the lake to cultivate fruits and vegetables. About 120 families living around Gunjurpalya are involved in dairying. They collect growth from the Varthur and Bellandur lakes and feed the cattle.

The lakes are contaminated with heavy metals like lead, zinc and mercury, which get into the milk, said M A Khan, principal of KK High School.

With Class 8 students of his school, he conducted a study on the impact of lake foaming on children.

Five high schools (government and private), seven primary and middle schools and 25 nurseries and play homes are located near the lake.

It is common to find children suffering from vomiting, enteric fever and typhoid, especially when the temperature rises, Khan said.

Dr Ravi Kumar R, another physician and resident of Ramagondanahalli, used to get about 20 patients a day earlier. The number has now gone up to about 60.

“The increase has been drastic over the past year, and more so in the last six months.

People, especially children, are suffering from psoriasis. Cases of viral infection and fever are also high because of the mosquitos breeding here,” he said.
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