Spot the trends

Spot the trends

Spot the trends

The Summer is here and it is time to try out the top six international trends for the season.

Show ’em shoulders
Sport tanned shoulders this summer with off shoulder, cut-out shoulder, crop tops, bralettes, halter necks and tie-up tops. Pair them with comfort pants, your sexiest pair of denims or even a short skirt. Whichever the style, a little bit of skin is in order this summer.

50 shades of yellow
If you thought that you couldn’t carry off this warm sunny hue, guess again. This season is a hall pass for those who want to experiment with any and all shades of yellow. Ranging from saffron, ochre, golden and canary to flax and  mustard — they are all a great pick this season. If you thought yellow wasn’t formal enough a colour to wear to the office, a subtler shade of yellow, like meringue or cream, should do the trick.

Khaki is the new black
This colour has lost its reputation for being simply utilitarian. Designers like Carolina Herrera and J Crew are not only sporting new street wear styles in this colour but also reinventing it for evening wear. If you’re tailoring a dress for a summer wedding, why not experiment with khaki then? Pair it with pastels or subtle floral prints in satins and tulle. A combo of lace and khaki is also another idea to consider.

Mix, don’t match
If your left and right earrings still match, then you are doing it wrong this season.
From avant garde couturiers to retail giants, everyone is  sporting mismatched earrings. Hoops are making a comeback but also with a twist. Symmetry doesn’t matter and don’t bother with colour either. While this is still a fad and must always succumb to style, go with your gut instinct  and only wear what you are confident of pulling off!

 Specs say a lot!
Express yourself with eyeglasses. The mirror to your soul must now  have an accessory to match. We are spoilt for choice this summer, after last summer’s mind-blowing collection released.

     This year follows suit with slight re- invention and improvements. The ‘cat- eye’ is taking a passenger seat  while the ‘oversized’ is still in vogue. Clear plastic framed glasses and
larger-than-life statement glasses are
all the rage too.

Bring your own bag
This year’s bag trends are a trendsetter’s dream. The larger than life carry-all is still in trend along with bucket bags.

      ‘Cinch’ bags, created by drawing together or cinching the opening, are also preferred picks. Another trend this year is the ‘micro-bag’. These miniature works of art make up for the lack of space inside. Having graced the ramp of many a designer this summer, this trend is appealingly  chic and leaves nothing to be desired. 

(Compiled  by Pooja Gajraj)