Ugadi: Customers throng markets despite price rise

Ugadi: Customers throng markets despite price rise

Scores of people thronged markets across the city to buy various items on the eve of Ugadi festival in the city on Tuesday. Ugadi marks the beginning of the New Year in Hindu calendar. Flowers and fruits were much in demand. Vendors selling mango and neem leaves had a brisk business too.

People were found buying necessary items near Old Bus Stand, T Channaiah Rangamandira Road, M G Road, New Bus Stand, Doddapet, Vasavi Temple Road, Kalamma Gudi Road and Ammavaripet. Transactions were on till late at night.  Hundreds  of customers were seen at cloth, fruit, vegetable and grocery shops. The prices of fruits and vegetables have increased. Marigold flowers were sold at Rs 80 per kg, roses at Rs 200 per kg and one of jasmine was sold at Rs 360.

The prices of fruits were as follows: apple (Rs 180 per kg), cheekoo and orange (Rs 50), white grapes (Rs 100), black grapes (Rs 140), pomegranate (Rs 150), Yalakki banana (Rs 65) and regular banana (Rs 40). The price of each coconut piece was Rs 20. Each bunch of mango and neem was sold at Rs 10.

The rates of vegetables were also high: beans (Rs 100 per kg), tomato (Rs 40), brinjal and carrot (Rs 60) and radish (Rs 50). The prices of sugar, jaggery, tur and other cereals were also more.

The customers said they have to bear the brunt of the price rise. The  traffic was more in market areas. Several police had been deployed to control traffic. Scores of passengers were seen boarding buses at bus stand to go to their native places for the festival.