'I've always been drawn to thrillers'

'I've always been drawn to thrillers'

'I've always been drawn to thrillers'

When Sandhya Raju decided to venture into films, she was clear that she would work on only those projects that would give her enough space and freedom to pursue her passion for art, dance and scuba diving. She knew very well that she didn’t want to get caught in the rat race.

The actor will now be seen in the role of a journalist in Bengaluru-based director V K Prakash’s movie ‘Careful’ which has been inspired by Pawan Kumar’s Kannada movie ‘U Turn’. In an interview with Nina C George, Sandhya says that it is the challenge which came with the role that inspired her to sign on the dotted line.  

What is your character in ‘Careful’?
I go by the name of Rachna Nambiar who is a journalist. The twist in the tale comes when Rachna is trying to write an article about some road safety issues which have been causing a lot of problems. While doing so, she gets into trouble and is framed in a false case. How she wriggles out of it is the crux of the story.

What made you sign the project?
I’ve always been drawn to thrillers and there’s a realistic and believable aspect in this film. The journey, struggles and situations portrayed in the film are very real and relatable.

How do you carry forward your interest for dance and cinema?
I am primarily a dancer and work on only those projects that give me a chance to explore the actor in me. Dance is a part of my life and I don’t look at it as something that I have to make an effort to do. Acting too brings out the creative side in me. It is the knowledge and experience that I gain from these two fields that I like.

You are also a certified scuba diver. Tell us about it.
I was in my ninth grade when my father first took me to the Great Barrier Reef. That was the first time I went scuba diving. My love for it began then and has been unstoppable since. I go scuba diving whenever I get some free time.

What do you like most about scuba diving?
Initially, it was a little scary but later I understood that scuba diving takes you into a space that is surreal and mystical. You learn to stay calm and be at peace with yourself under the sea.

What kind of projects would you like to work on?
Well, I’d love to work on a classical dance-based movie.