Yogi for resolving Ayodhya issue through talks

Yogi for resolving Ayodhya issue through talks

Says UP govt ready to assist in finding solution to issue

Yogi for resolving Ayodhya issue through talks

Agreeing with the Supreme Court’s suggestion on the long-pending sensitive Ayodhya dispute, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the contentious issue of faith be resolved through dialogue between the interested parties.

In his maiden interview after taking over as the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh,  Adityanath told the RSS mouthpiece ‘Panchajanya’ that if required, his government was ready to assist to find a solution for the construction of Ram temple.

A month ago, the Supreme Court had observed that Ayodhya was a ‘sentimental’ issue and suggested an out-of-court settlement, which invited mixed reactions from stakeholders and political parties.

“I welcome the Supreme Court’s observation. My government is ready to help the parties settle the issue through talks. The Allahabad High Court’s September 2010 verdict has cleared a majority of issues. So, now it is important that the dispute is resolved amicably,” he said.  The chief minister said that vegetarian food was good for health, but at the same time he said he was no one to put a check on the food habits of people.

“If somebody is turning vegetarian, it is a good thing and they will stay healthy. However, I understand that everybody has their own needs and tastes. I cannot curtail individual choice. The constitution gives them that freedom. However, freedom should be exercised within a limit. If something is illegal, it is the government’s obligation to crack down on it,” he said.

The chief minister also justified crackdown on the “illegal slaughterhouses” on the grounds that his government was merely executing the Allahabad High Court’s directives.

“The National Green Tribunal (NGT) in 2015 and the High Court in 2017 had made comments on the illegal slaughterhouses in UP and gave some directions to the state government. We have started taking action along those lines.

You cannot confuse legal and illegal slaughterhouses. The government’s orders are clear. If a slaughterhouse meets all conditions and has a licence, nobody can touch it. If any official does so, he or she will be punished. However, nobody will be allowed to spoil public order in the name of illegal slaughterhouses,” he said.

During the interaction, he was unperturbed over objections to the BJP appointing a Hindu hardliner like him as the chief minister. He said “our work will speak for itself” and reiterated that his “government will work for the betterment of all irrespective of caste or religion”.