A magical bittersweet romance

A magical bittersweet romance

A magical bittersweet romance

Kannada (U/A), Cast: Mithra, Bhama, Avinash, Jai Jagadish, Ramesh Bhat, Tabla Nani, ‘Kaddipudi’ Chandru
Director: P C Shekar

Produced and played by actor-comedian Mithra, Raaga is a retro romance that takes viewers back to the golden era of pure cinema. It may not be in the superlative mould of Sanjeev Kumar’s Koshish or Naseeruddin Shah’s Sparsh, but Raaga is a sincere and soulful effort deserving fulsome praise.

Raaga shows what true family films are, and should be, about. Full of Chaplinesque charm, it is visual poetry with S Vaidi’s picture-postcard cinematography embellishing every frame.

Though a bit over the top, Mithra impresses as the blind Good Samaritan public booth operator. So does Bhama. As the blind Anu, she is perfect foil for Mithra.

Mithra’s pearls of wisdom may sound preachy but are reflective of the times we live in and the way physically challenged are looked upon.

What further complements the experience is Arjun Janya’s soulful scores, in keeping with the mood of the treacly saga being played out. The film’s art direction is another exemplary feather in Raaga’s tiara.

The movie lives to the truism that love is blind. The two visually impaired protagonists from disparate backgrounds play out a bittersweet tale of class divide, where status and prestige act as pinpricks. It sees the viewers shed copious tears, soaked in their highly emotive and enterprising journey.

Director P C Shekar, despite pitfalls in script and a contrived ending, gives Sandalwood a moving tale of underdogs. Viewers are advised to take a carton of tissue papers and kerchiefs to watch Raaga which leaves a heavy lump in the throat.