KSPCB holds meet to decide on closure of polluting units

KSPCB holds meet to decide on closure of polluting units

Members of a high-level committee of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) held a meeting on Tuesday to prepare the final orders to close down 10 polluting industries around Bellandur lake.

The meeting was held after the KSPCB had slapped closure orders on two polluting industries on Monday.
“The approval from the board was needed before issuing orders as we do not want any legal hassles,” said KSPCB chairman Lakshman.

He said all the papers were finalised and closure orders will be issued the first thing on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the inspection committee checked 48 water-based industries. “I have sought a detailed report on each of them, including which are the ones complying with the standards and how many are pending closure.

Directions have also been issued to intensify the inspection of industries and apartments. People have to cooperate as the officers are following court orders,” Lakshman added.

Lakshman added that the inspection committee members have also been directed to follow the Supreme Court orders issued in February to check if the industries have the required effluent treatment plants and how the treated water is being discharged.

An inspection committee member said that of the 488 industries around Bellandur lake, they had already inspected 97 even before the National Green Tribunal’s orders. Now, inspection of the remaining units is in full swing and the aim is to cover all of them within the stipulated 30 days. "The problem during inspection is that some do not cooperate. Though they are supposed to provide information according to court orders, they stall the process by saying the officer concerned is on leave,” the officer said.

"We are also collecting as much information as possible through photographic evidence. We are preparing the mahajars with all documents to ensure that the industries do not move court challenging the closure order," the official added.
Sewage continues to flow unhindered
Sewage and other pollutants continued to flow into Bellandur lake posing a big challenge before the contractor firm Harvins Constructions engaged in weeding the lake.
The BDA has entrusted Hyderabad-based Harvins Constructions with the task of weeding the lake at a cost of Rs 3.5 crore in the next three months. The BDA has also identified four quarries to dump the weeds extracted from the site.
The bigger challenge is stopping the polluted water gushing into the lake. An executive associated with Harvins Constructions said there is no end to the effluent flowing into it.
“Unless the sewage is stopped, any exercise of weeding will not have any result. It is not very hard to identify the polluters or divert the sewage,” the executive said requesting anonymity.
Meanwhile, Krishna Naik of BDA said in three months, people will be able to see clean water in the lake. He said two aerators have been installed at two locations of the Bellandur lake to inject oxygen in the water.