Trending this monsoon...

Trending this monsoon...

The monsoons indeed bring relief from summer heat. However, the increasing humidity, gloomy days and dark evenings can make a home dull and boring. Doing up your space to suit the season is one of the easiest ways to combat the drizzle. Here, we talk about the key monsoon home decor trends this year, which will enliven your abode instantly:

Use vibrant hues to make a great visual impact. Bright colours such as strong reds, radiant orange, coral, mint, yellow etc act as instant energizers. These colours can be used in the form of wall paints, cushion covers, curtains, bed sheets etc. Colours can easily change the look of any space.

Green being the colour of the year, it is the choice of many. Green adds the optimum amount of brightness and brings us closer to nature. Green, ranging from emerald to lime green, generally works well in home decor.
Shades of blue such as aqua, powder, turquoise etc are options that bring in a soothing feel to the space. Grey and whites are all-time favourite neutrals. These never go wrong and can be teamed with all other colours so as to enhance the look of the space. Light violet brings out elegance of the space, while pastel pink accentuates the space effortlessly.

Muted colours such as off-whites, beiges, light browns etc are also being widely used. These are perfect hues for spaces designed to relax, read or just your own getaway from the world.

Eco-friendly home
Involve greenery into your home. Green creates balance and harmony in your space. Add plants and flowers to your home. Plants harmonise space and create a healthier environment. They add beauty naturally and enhance the space.

Everyone around the world is going eco-friendly. Opt for materials such as wood, jute, steel, glass, aluminium etc that are recyclable, so as to be environment-friendly as you do up your space. Recycled artefacts make beautiful home furnishings. Recycled products can be given a fresh touch through the use of colours and designs, making them perfect solutions.

Texture & prints
Tropical prints are making an entry from runways into home decor. Leafy plants, flora and fauna are an essential part of the tropical prints. They appear in wallpapers, fabrics etc. These tropical prints can be greatly incorporated through the use of cushions on a solid coloured couch. These prints have evolved and are available in a wide range of colours. The butterfly print indicates optimism and hope and is
gaining popularity.

Textured furniture, walls, light fixtures and drapes are all the rage this year. Textured wallpapers add element to the mundane coloured walls.

Squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons etc are in vogue this year. These patterns are easily incorporated in wall design, cushion covers, bed sheets, carpets, drapes etc. Geometric designs are a funky choice to suit the modern taste. They add a new dimension in the mundane decor. These are modern elements that add funk and create an illusion of space.

Nature-inspired designs, classic designs and mixed designs are all becoming an
integral part of home decor. Also, many people have now become more open to risking and experimenting with different patterns.

Metallic touch
Use metallic influences across home decor to instantly add a touch of elegance. Metallic can beautifully coexist with neutrals if used in optimum amount across the space. A big brass mirror will act as the perfect statement piece. Metallic hints on cushion covers and other upholstery could act as the perfect way to infuse the metallic trend in home decor.

Add metallic lamps and planters to enhance the look of the space. Brass is both timeless and stunning. Metallic
influences through lighting or accessories are a great idea to add a touch of luxury.

(The author is design head, Tangerine)

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