TOP-10 or Bottom-10?

TOP-10 or Bottom-10?

TOP-10 or Bottom-10?

Sometimes I’ve looked at the TOP Ten something-or-the-other and gasped in horror. If it’s music, I’ve been shocked that what I thought was utter rubbish, has actually sold 12 million copies world-wide!  Books I’ve loved, sometimes never make it to the TOP TEN.
And of course, there isn’t even a printed TOP TEN for the best food and snacks - something I spend a lot of time, money and energy over.

So how about starting your own “TOP TEN” home-made magazine? It’s so simple.
To begin with, spend a little time over designing the mast-head and layout of your home-mag. The ‘masthead’ is the way the newspaper’s name appears on the top.  Check out how magazines at home have designed their own logos; you’ll get some ideas. But first you need a suitable name for the magazine. Think. Think. 

Ponder over what you want to cover. It could be books, music, CDs, websites, shops, fast-food joints…Or the TOP 10 teachers in your school.
You could probably write out a little review of the No.1 in each list. Why you liked that particular book or movie.

Or you could write a review of something that really disappointed you. A much-hyped movie that bored you to sleep. That way, you’ll prevent a friend from wasting precious pocket money on something that’s lousy!

Once you’ve filled in your TOP 10s (hand-written neatly, is fine), pass it on to your best friends. Let each of them add their valuable Top Tens on a separate sheet, punch a hole in it, tie it up to your sheet and pass it on.

When the magazine comes back to you, it will be a lot thicker than when it left your desk! Now sit back and enjoy a good read.

The magazine will also give you a fresh insight into your friends. You might have spent hours with your closest buddy and never known that he was a fan of Adnan Sami.
Or that bench-mate of yours who shares your taste in virtually everything – yet, her TOP 10 TV programmes might not feature even one of your favourites!

How about the BOTTOM-10?
You can have half (or the entire issue!) dedicated to the ten WORST things in a category, too! The “10-Worst Movies, Ever!”, “10 Books I’d Never Gift Even My Enemy….and Why”…You could dedicate a whole issue to “!0 worst excuses for not doing your homework.” I’m sure your friends will have a lot to add to the topic, and that passed around magazine will grow thick and interesting before it comes back to you.
One of your friends could be voted the ‘archivist’…the person who stores the back issues.
A year later, if you came back to an issue and reread it, you could laugh at what now seems so out of fashion!