Cong founder and propagator of dynasty politics: Venkaiah

Cong founder and propagator of dynasty politics: Venkaiah

Cong founder and propagator of dynasty politics: Venkaiah

Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu today termed the Congress the "founder, propagator and patron" of dynasty politics in the country, days after the party vice-president Rahul Gandhi accused the TRS government in Telangana of running a family rule in the state.

"It is the Congress are the perpetrators of dynastic are the propagators of dynastic politics," the information and broadcasting minister said while addressing a press conference here.

He also accused the Congress of being the "source of inspiration" to other parties to play dynasty politics.

Addressing a public meeting in Sangareddy on June 1, Rahul asked if students and farmers fought for the creation of Telangana for a "single family", a reference to chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his minister-son K T Rama Rao, daughter and Lok Sabha member K Kavitha, and nephew and Minister Harish Rao.

Venkaiah said," utter disregard of the fact that his (Rahul's) family had all along done it and benefited from promoting dynastic rule, he made the accusation. The Congress is the founder, propagator and patron of dynasty politics in India and is the source of inspiration in this matter to other parties".

The senior BJP leader said the Congress accusing other parties of indulging in dynastic politics is like the pot calling the kettle black.

"Such persons are least qualified to criticise the leader of the stature of prime minister Narendra Modi who is leading the nation as per their stated wishes and to their satisfaction," he said.

The minister said the opposition is indulging in a "disinformation campaign" over the recent Central notification regulating trade of cattle for slaughter at animal markets.

"The Kerala High Court has rightly asked where is the ban (on cow slaughter) and pointed out that the (Central) order restricted to sale of cattle at the markets. I have already clarified that
representations received from various quarters are being examined.

"However, in an atrocious manner a procession was taken out and a calf and a cow were killed in front of public and they posed for photographs while the meat was eaten," he said referring to butchering of a calf in Kerala in protest agaisnt the government notification recently.

He said the government never interferes in the food habits of people as choice of food is a personal matter.

"I was president of the BJP and I was strict non-vegetarian," Venkaiah said, alleging that since the Opposition is indulging in disinformation as it is "issue-less, frustrated and demoralised".

Responding to a query on prospects of 'mahagatbgandhan (mega alliance) of the opposition parties in the context of various leaders congregating in Chennai on the occasion of DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi's 94th birthday yesterday, Venkaiah said it is not possible.

"I have already said it is not possible..We (NDA) are united, they are divided, we are confident, they are diffident. They are having only one-point programme...they are into 'D mission', which is a dis-information campaign against the NDA government," he added.