Aces up their sleeve

Aces up their sleeve

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Aces up their sleeve

Fashion often makes a full circle. From puffy hairstyles to elaborate embroidery, retro fashion often comes back.

 Exaggerated sleeves are the latest of these retro styles to be in vogue yet again. It was once an incredible part of films and theatre.

It comes in simple solids or pizzazz prints. Ruchika Lunkar, an interior design student who loves these sleeves, says that they have that classy yet quirky edge to them. “Exaggerated sleeves are in now. Anything that stands out or is different is what clicks,” says Ruchika.

She adds that solid colours, especially bold and bright ones like red, make the sleeves stand out. “When a dress has these sleeves, then one doesn’t have to worry  about accessorising,” she adds.

Tops and blouses with these sleeves in vibrant colours like yellow are for the young at heart, says Akshita R, a young professional. She loves pairing these tops or blouses with white pants. “These sleeves are very festive and are perfect for any body type,” she says.

This season, designers are focussing a lot on sleeves, observes Trishla, a fashion student from Jain University. “Also known as ‘statement sleeves’, they can change a look entirely. Extra-long sleeves, cut-outs and exaggerated sleeves are dominating the runway. Though these were initially made for the festival season and spring break gateways, flared sleeves are bigger and better than ever now,” details Trishla.

She adds that these sleeves work for any occasion. “Sleeves that are more flared, layered, pleated, puffed and embellished are also making an impact,” she adds.

Whether while shopping  or partying, they make the person stand out, says Komal Khanted, a student.

“Since one doesn’t need any bangles or accessories on the wrists when wearing these, one could complete the look with a nice pair of earring or by just leaving their hair open,” she adds. Chunky bracelets or huge watches do not go with these sleeves as they will be hidden, she notes.

These vintage-inspired additions create the drama that is required for any outfit. Designer Shammy Choraria says that exaggerated sleeves vary from ultra long and oversized to balloon-shaped and more. “There were different versions of these that were being used on the ramp earlier but they are a part of everyday fashion now. People are ready to experiment with some drama in their wardrobe now,” she says.

“If an outfit has a statement sleeve, then the cut for the body is mostly plain or with minimalistic designs. Such sleeves work best in solids or subtle prints. Large or geometric prints in this style is a definite no!” she details. Body-hugging trousers or skin-fit bottoms are best paired with tops in these sleeves, she adds.