Nandi Hills to turn cycle-friendly zone on weekends soon

Nandi Hills to turn cycle-friendly zone on weekends soon

In a bid to encourage people to cycle and enjoy the wilderness of Nandi Hills, the Horticulture department in Chikkaballapur has come up with a novel idea.

Now, cyclists, trekkers and walkers can relax and enjoy the serene beauty of Nandi Hills on weekend mornings starting next month. The Horticulture department has tied up with Spectrum Racing to make Nandi Hills a cycle-friendly zone.

“From July 1, cycling, trekking and walking will be entertained between 6 am to 10 am. This is being done on the request of cyclists and walkers, said Dr Sudhakar, MLA, Chikkaballapur. 

“Around 300 people are likely to participate on the first leg of the event on July 1 and 2. There have been many accidents because of speeding vehicles. Thus, we have decided to allow non-motorised vehicles on Nandi Hills on Saturdays and Sundays. We will work on making the roads safe. We want more people to visit the hillock and a spend quality time,” Sudhakar said.

Dr Arvind Bhateja from Spectrum Racing, said that Nandi Hills is a popular wilderness destination. The place is prefered by many cyclists, trekkers and walkers. “It was a long-standing wish of every single runner, cyclist and trekker to be able to pursue their passion on one of Bengaluru’s most famous biodiversity hotspots.

Many running and cycling groups have yearned for the day when they can be one with nature without the dangers of motorised vehicles around them. This will not only encourage more Bengalureans to explore the beautiful outdoors but also help instil  love of nature among the younger generation,” he said.