World cinema comes to capital

World cinema comes to capital

The month-long film festival, which began on Wednesday, has brought Canadian children classics like 'The Flying Sneaker', 'The great land of the small', 'The Tadpole and the Whale', 'Summer with the ghosts' and 'Summer of the colt' to the capital.

All the movies are to be screened centre around the dreams and fantasies of kids and the nuances of the childhood.

'The Flying Sneaker' is about the fantasy world of a 11-year-old boy and his butterfly collection. 'Summer with the ghosts' deals with how children overcome their perpetual fear of ghosts and become friends ultimately.

"These days children love watching movies. The movies chosen for the 'Children's Film festival', offer quality entertainment that will help the kids develop a deep sense of appreciation for great film making," said Sameer Ganapathy, Business Head, UTV World Movies, the organisers of the festival.

"The films will also enhance their movie watching experience and generate an understanding for world cinema," Ganpathy added.

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