An edgy crime thriller

Film review

An edgy crime thriller

Kannada (U/A) ***
Cast: Arjun Sarja, Shruti
Hariharan, Prasanna Venkatesan, Vaibhav Reddy, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Suhasini Maniratnam,
Suman, Sudha Rani
Director: Arun Vaidyanathan

Vismaya marks the 150th film of action king Arjun Sarja. The bilingual (Nibunan in Tamil) is a slick crime thriller where Sarja plays DSP Ranjith Kalidoss, who is tasked with solving the 100th crime of his career.

He meets his match in a psychotic serial killer. Kalidoss’ blissful life with wife, kid and young brother, is shattered when the maniac cleverly plots the killings and sends parcels with a doll dipped in blood as clue. While a bamboozled Kalidoss and his team, comprising two other enterprising officers, struggleto comprehend the pattern and crack the clues, more murders follow.

Compounding the troubles, the DSP is afflicted with Parkinson’s which makes it difficult for him to hold the gun steady. Racing against time, Kalidoss and team are at their wit’s end to nab the madman. Who wins in this scintillating mind game and how forms the fulcrum of Vismaya.

Arjun Sarja plays the lead role with panache as ever. Shruthi Hariharan, consigned as the wife, is wasted as the second fiddle. J Karthik plays the perfect foil. The rest lend ample support.

S Navin’s background score, especially the Bond style opening sequence, and Arvind Krishna’s cinematography, complement the nifty narrative.

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