'It's time Centre wakes up'

ABVP State Secretary Dayananda Thirugana said that Chattisgarh has become like a safe home for naxalites due to which their hold and operation in the region is increasing day by day. “When naxalites have crossed their limits, the Central government is still thinking of having dialogues with the naxalites. It is time Centre wakes up to the seriousness of the situation and initiates steps against naxal activities,” he said.

He added that there are thousands of people who have joined naxal activities and their numbers are only increasing. He said that naxalites are the biggest threat to the nation and there is a need to bring in air force to attack the naxalites.
He opined that the statement of Home Secretary Gopal K Pillai that Air Force will not be brought in to fight naxalism hints at the attitude of the Government and its approach towards naxalism. He said that it is time all state governments and the Centre stop having soft approach towards naxalism and take up arms against them. “Delay in naxal control operation means larger number of death of soldiers,” he said.
ABVP State Committee Member Santhosh was present.
DH News Service

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