Grillin' it softly!

Grillin' it softly!

There’s always something new happening in the city and this time, it is the restaurant called ‘BBQ’D - Global Grill and Brewery’ at UB City. It’s a unique concept that houses everything from local favourites to other cuisines in a contemporary fashion.

The concept of live counters is a bonus to the dining scene here. The appetisers and ‘chaats’ are served at the table, but for the main course and desserts, one has to walk to the different counters and select their pick.

The live grill is a cool concept as one can watch their favourite appetisers being cooked at their table. However, if you are going with a group that are opting for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, the live grill could be stacked with your choices. In fact, there is not enough room for all the items on it.

The idea is probably to eat as fast as you can so that the food isn’t overcooked and there is enough room for the remaining items!

The ‘chaats’ are quite exquisite. Even if you are a fan of the road-side ‘chaats’, the ones made at ‘BBQ’D - Global Grill and Brewery’ are equally good. A fair warning though, the ‘puri’ for the ‘pani puri’ is hard and slightly big for a one-shot snack. Besides all this, there is also soup. Try not to stuff yourself with these dishes as the party is just about to start. And if you are full, a walk to the counter will probably do the trick.

Start at the salad counter where you can choose the veggies or non-vegetarian items of your choice. A ‘green garden salad’ and ‘macaroni and bell pepper sundal’ seems to be a popular choice. If you’re a pasta fan, watching the chef make the pasta of your choice is a great sight. The chef also has a few tricks up his sleeves when he tosses the ingredients.

The main course also includes ‘Firangi kadhai paneer’, ‘Dakhni saag’, ‘Dal makhani’, ‘Thai green curry’, ‘crisp fried black bean sauce’. Pair these with either steamed rice or schezwan noodles.

The buffet doesn’t end there. Make room for dessert as there are plenty of options here. Take your pick from the ‘Green apple jalebi’, ‘Saffron rabri’, ‘Pumpkin halwa with fox nuts’ and ‘Desi doughnut’. But if you want something a bit more European, the restaurant also has desserts like ‘Rosemary and pineapple crumble’, ‘Assorted brulee’ and hot chocolate fudge cake.

If you think that completes the dining experience, you are wrong.

The best part is just yet to come. There’s a live dessert counter that makes fresh cotton candy. You can ask the staff for the flavour of the day.

Top it with a softie (either vanilla or chocolate) and have a unique and fun way to end the meal. Holding a cotton candy in a cone with a softie is definitely a great way to relive your childhood memories.

‘BBQ’D - Global Grill and Brewery’ is located on Level 2, Vittal Mallya Road, UB City.

For reservations, call 7899700900.

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