City likely to get more rain

City likely to get more rain

Citizens enjoy cooler nights as showers bring down temperatures

City likely to get more rain

Areas in and around Yelahanka witnessed heavy rainfall, while there was less rainfall in airport area.  Yelahanka recorded 33.8 mm rainfall, while airport recorded 3.0 mm rainfall.

The City recorded 8.8 mm rainfall. Maximum temperature was 36.1 degree Celsius, while minimum was 20.9 degree Celsius, said Meteorological Department officials. The mercury level dipped slightly over the last two days.

According to the Director, Meteorological Department, Puttanna, the phenomenon has been on account of the wind speed moving from South to North. “We have seen moderate rainfall in coastal and north Karnataka, with South Karnataka getting the maximum benefit of the rains over the past couple of weeks,” he said.

The wind speed has been recorded upto 10 kilometres around the City and is expected gather speed over the next few days. However, the respite may be shortlived. “The temperatures will cool down over the next four to five days, but will soon pick up once the wind direction changes,” said Puttanna.

The temperature in the State has been two to four degrees above normal and is expected to continue after the break. The moisture in the air has also acted as a catalyst for the rain showers in the City. More rains, accompanied by lightning and thunder is expected in the next few days.

BBMP gears up

In lieu of the anticipated rainy season, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has been gearing up to ensure that the past fiascos do not catch up with the City. According to Palike officials, Commissioner Bharath Lal Meena has asked the zonal chiefs to prepare the contingency plans and identify the vulnerable areas in the City.

“The commissioner has given directions to identify more vulnerable areas and be prepared to remove the bottle necks for the flow of the rain water,” a BBMP official said. The Zonal Commissioners have been asked to rent out JCBs and other equipment as required for the rainy season.

“We have been also directed to ensure that whistleblowers in identified areas are in constant touch with us, apart from nearby Control Rooms who will keep a tab on the complaints related to the rains,” said the official.

BBMP to intensify demolition drive

Rains in April seem to have spelled doom for those who have encroached upon the storm water drains in the City.  The BBMP has been given license to ‘intensify’ the demolition drive by Commissioner Bharath Lal Meena. The intensification of the demolition drive in the City is being seen as a ‘pre-requisite’ on account of the rainy season, which will soon begin.

Of the 1,000  spots identified where the demolition drive is to be carried out, officials claim that 60 per cent of them have been removed. More bottlenecks are to be identified as the drive intensifies, the sources informed.