Learn how to manage complex data

Learn how to manage complex data

Learn how to manage complex data


According to a report by GlobalSourcingNow, the KPO industry is expected to reach USD 17 billion in 2010, of which USD 12 billion would come from business outsourced to India. To tap this potential, N-Care, an institute specialising in industry-integrated Management in Research and Analytics, recently launched its first centre in Bangalore. Co-founder and President Abhishek Yadav offers an overview of the courses offered by N-Care.

The KPO industry is rapidly growing. Is that a reason why you established this

There is huge potential which is yet to be tapped in Research & Analytics in India. With the country and industries growing simultaneously, a lot of data and information is being generated. Industry experts also predict that the KPO industry in India will grow to USD 11.2 billion in revenue by 2010-2011. Therefore, it becomes imperative to create professionals who are skilled in managing and evaluating this very data in the most effective and efficient manner across all industries. But, there is a problem. The education system does not provide useful courses that teach students about this form of management. We hope to bridge the gap between the educational institutes and industries such as the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry,  and technology, telecom, finance and pharma firms among others. This (course) will help a graduate to pursue a career in the field of Research & Analytics in any of these industries.

Tell us a little more about the courses.

Students can enroll for BBA in Information Management (full- time) and MBA in Information Management (full-time). Information management is all about understanding how organisations work and how information strategies must take into account people’s needs and behaviour. This involves using information systems to maximise information resources to meet organisational and individual requirements.

The idea is develop a scientific approach to a job.

For instance, in order to make the real estate industry more organised we require people who are proficient as wealth managers.

We also plan to organise regular management development programmes (MDPs),
seminars, consultancy, research and resource sharing platforms.

What about the faculty?

As the courses are industry-integrated, faculty will include experts from the industry and academics. They will be conversant with market research, market intelligence, Analytic etc. Students need to be given hands-on experience and therefore they need to work on live projects to apply their theoretical learning.  

Will a course on Information Management lead to a long-term career opportunity?

This can be surely a long-term career. In today’s internet world, where information holds the key with new age tools, our management education should be research-based, where actual knowledge of industry is imparted like digitisation of passports for instance. Legal process outsourcing industry and patent research also have huge potential in India.