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Frames from life

The concept of web series in Kannada is slowly but steadily gaining followers.
The worldwide reach provided by the internet and the ability to connect to the audience directly without relying upon marketing mediators is what draws budding talents to this.

The younger breed of actors and directors in the Kannada entertainment industry, who are embracing web series in a big way, feel that it gives one the freedom to experiment with new forms of storytelling.

Young filmmakers like Vinayak Joshi, Sagar Puranik and RJ Pradeep, who have experimented with this format, think that although it is in its nascent stage, this medium of
entertainment is sure to gather steam in the years to come.

The urge to explore the digital space and connect to every corner of the globe is what inspired RJ Pradeep to make ‘Loose Connection’ a while ago.

“Apart from television soaps and cinema, there isn’t anything short and crisp that people can watch at leisure. This is where web series fits in. The episodes are kept short so that
people can watch it on their smart phones,” he explains.

Pradeep adds that with ‘Loose Connection’, he wanted to make a product of good quality to build an audience on the web space. “We made 20-30 minute long episodes that portrayed real life situations and things that happen around us. Even the use of language and grammar is simple with nothing cinematic about it. We explored romcoms and inspirational stories in our series,” he says.

It is the lack of opportunities for budding actors in the Kannada film industry that prompted actor and director Vinayak Joshi to make his first web series called ‘Joshelay’.

“This form of entertainment gives one the freedom to showcase what one wants. My project is a very thought-driven one. It runs into six or seven episodes of 10 minutes each. None of the stories are similar in form and content,” says Vinayak.

“Young men and women between the age group of 25 and 35 years are the ones who use smart phones a lot. In web series, you get to reach an international audience and people will get the chance to explore topics they relate to. It is a common man’s mode of entertainment,” he points out.

Vinayak has also paid careful attention to the equipment, “Web series can be shot using a cell phone. We have used a Sony A7s2 camera and IPhone 6s,” he adds.

Actor and director Sagar Puranik made his entry into the world of web series with ‘By 2 Bengaluru’ where he explored the everyday happenings in the life of Bengalureans. “We have looked at the events in the life of every young Bengalurean in a humourous way. I was inspired to give the title ‘By 2 Bengaluru’ because of the ‘By 2 coffee’ concept that is popular among close friends,” says Sagar.

He says that those who venture into web series get into it only for the passion and not to make profits.

“Making profits is not the primary motive. You may get a lot of views on YouTube but the monetary gains are minimal. I used a sponsor for my film and struck upon a deal that is mutually beneficial. It worked well for me,” he sums up.

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