Plan is to groom youngsters: Vinay

Plan is to groom youngsters: Vinay

Karnataka skipper R Vinay Kumar on Tuesday said focus this season would be on grooming youngsters and seniors would be rested to prepare the understudies for the future.

"Yes," said Vinay when asked if it was right on pacer S Arvind to sit himself out of the Maharashtra game after playing just two Ranji Trophy matches this season.

"This year we are planning it that way, especially seniors. We have many youngsters in the team. There are two-three guys who are playing under-23.

"They are good enough to come and play Ranji Trophy. We need to think about grooming youngsters also. Seniors will be thinking of resting themselves and giving a break to youngsters."

"We seniors have been playing for many years. We need to think about the team and grooming juniors as well. It's not like we just keep playing and spoil somebody's career. We should always think about Karnataka and whenever possible we should give chances to youngsters.

"They should be in a position of taking care of Karnataka cricket in five years time. In that way, we are flexible and seniors are matured enough to understand that. They are very much okay with that. Even I could rest myself despite being the captain because at the end of the day, the team is very important."

Talking about the clash against Maharashtra, Vinay said the western state have always made life difficult for them.

"They are a very good side and whenever we have played, it's always been a tough game. We are a team that loves challenges and like to perform. Both sides have a good blend of youth and experience. We can't take any game lightly. Whenever we've played, no-one is sure who will win. Playing at home, they will hold some advantage. We just need to go out there and perform."