Garbage, stray dogs plague this ward

Garbage, stray dogs plague this ward

Garbage, stray dogs plague this ward

From water woes to traffic jams, maintenance of parks to de-silting of storm water drains (SWDs), the ward has seen them all.  The ward’s pro-active Resident Welfare Association (RWA) has helped maintaining the cleanliness of certain parts of Armane Nagar . But parts of the same ward have been neglected due to apparent political apathy.

In the last one year,  residents have seen major developments under the local MLA, Ashwath Narayan. Yet, the mushrooming of high-rise buildings have led to ground water table depletion. “In 1993-94, one could get water at the depth of only 12-13 feet. Now, I had to go beyond 500 feet to get water,” informed  Rajmahal Vilas Extension (RMV), RWA president, Dr Jagdeesh Belur.  

The ward’s new corporator, Dr Shiv Prasad is however optimistic. “Under our local MLA’s direction we are laying a bigger pipeline to feed water into Armane Nagar. The work is expected to be completed in the next three months,” he said.

Garbage clearance and stray dogs are  other major problems. “While we segregate and dispose garbage, the nearby areas dump the waste right on the road. In Ashwath Nagar, stray dogs feed on most of this garbage making it a menace,” said Jagdeesh.

J K Chandana, a senior citizen complained that pedestrians in the area have to cross at their own peril. “Uneven footpaths and heavy traffic from the Sanjaynagar main road creates a whole lot of problems for pedestrians,” he said.  

Narrow roads and illegal constructions mark the entrance into MSR Nagar and Ashwath Nagar areas. With middle and lower middle class people, the area has no luxury of broad roads and a good sanitary system. Road-widening has led to tree-felling. “If development is to be seen, green cover has to be lost,” defends Shiv Prasad.  

So where is the solution? People’s participation is seen as one answer.  With a pro-active group of residents, this ward might well become a model for the City. But it remains to be seen whether it will translate into a movement. While RWAs are leading the way towards achieving this, the average Bangalorean is yet to decipher the concept and act on it.


Dr Shiv Prasad
MBBS, MS Orthopedics
Family: Wife and 2 children

On his top priority:
Water. AGS Layout and MSR Nagar are two areas worst hit by the water crisis. I will also focus on solutions to tackle the traffic congestion and ensuring greenery.

On tacking the water crisis:
We have already initiated a water pipeline project which will provide the entire ward with 24/7 water supply.

On tackling traffic congestion:
Unlike the Cauvery underpass, which was just an emergency procedure to tackle the traffic flow, a permanent solution is the need of the hour. Projects like the CNR Rao underpass and an underpass at the M S Ramaiah College have already been sanctioned for signal free movement. More such projects will be undertaken.

City voices

Dr Jagdeesh Belur: “Our main problem is water. Constant dialogues with our MLA and now, our Corporator should yield some relief.”

Renuka: “Loss of green cover is the biggest problem. There needs to be an alternative to cutting down trees. Footpaths also need to improve in the area.”

Purnesh: “The traffic congestion is at its peak on the access roads of Sanjaynagar and MS Ramaiah College. There needs to be a permanent solution.”